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I don’t know about you, but I really dislike winter. And I’m ready for warm weather again. So I decided to pretend it’s summer and did a tutorial for this bright manicure! Instructions Step 1: Apply Basecoat Step 2: Apply 2 coats of a sheer nude color to even out your nails. Step 3: Using […]
Summer is the perfect time to change up your day-to-day hair routine and experiment with some fun waves! I wanted to help kick start your warm weather inspiration with these three hairstyles that barely take any time at all and which will work well on pretty much any hair length. With a little [...]
A long time ago, I shared my go-to method for creating new pillow covers. This time around, I’m taking it up a notch and showing you how to create this simple geometric design. If you need to spice up your decor, pillows can make a world of difference. Sometimes you don’t want to [...]
If there’s a project I like, it’s an easy one! I was looking for a smaller to medium sized tree to sit by my front steps outside, when it dawned on me. “Duh, why don’t you just make one!?”. So, I grabbed a couple of supplies and had a tree in just a few minutes.  [...]
by Joëlle of La Petite Noob I’m excited to be back for another guest post, and share with you a simple DIY to make one of my favourite summer accessories – a flower crown.  Flower crowns are everywhere, and are a fun way to dress up any summer outfit.  Major retailers sell these [...]
By Melisa of Pie ‘N The Sky One of my favorite things to do in the morning is leave little notes for Elisha, my husband, to read when he wakes up. We’ve started to collect our little love notes and wanted to come up with a creative way to display them. I thought our fridge […]
Post by contributor Melisa of Pie N The Sky I’ve made it a point this year to print out more photos. With everything being digital these days, I sometimes forget to make a hard copy, or even to display our photos in our home. I’ve been thinking up a few ways to display our photos [...]
Hi there! It’s Melyssa from The Nectar Collective. Today, I have a super easy and inexpensive DIY project that is perfect for fun home decor, parties, and even kids craft projects. Growing up, my family’s home had lots of pennant flags adorned on our walls — mostly for [...]
by Melisa of Pie ‘N The Sky I’ve always thought spools were so pretty and unique. I love to decorate with them around our house and even used some at our wedding! I came across these tiny spools in the woodworking area of a local craft store. I was instantly smitten because of my [...]
This post was created by Wonder Forest contributor Melisa of Pie ‘N The Sky  I love all things watercolor – it’s one of my favorite mediums. I wanted to make something as a just-for-fun project and not necessarily something I neeeeeded. But let’s be honest, who [...]
In the cooler months, your lips can take a beating. For me, my lips are always cracked or chapped or some combination of the two. I was standing around my kitchen this weekend and thought I might give making a natural lip scrub a try, and was pretty happy with the results so I decided […]