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Summer is almost through, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t last minute trips to the beach or mini vacations to discover a new city. Keeping your mane in some kind of order is a must, particularly for hot days. Headbands combined with a nice high bun or with a low loose braid, can [...]
Pergolas can offer some great privacy, but they’re not always the best for shade.  In my backyard, the sun shines all day long and man, is it HOT out there!  While you can buy pergola shades for a few hundred bucks, you can also make your own pretty inexpensively. I’ll show you how [...]
Checklists and notes. Aren’t they totally life savers? Trying to remember all the the things you have to do, upcoming events and random bursts of inspiration…there’s no way all these things are going to fit in our memory! There are tons of apps that can double as reminders and [...]
As a graphic designer, but more generally as a visual communicator, the so-called splatter trend is something that really strikes me! The randomness of the composition, always different but somehow similar, fascinates me and is – let’s admit that – so cool looking! I [...]
Here’s the scene: You’re sitting on a breezy beach on a balmy +25 Celsius day, sipping a colourful cocktail and your nails are gorgeous (and they might even match your bikini). These dry brush nails have a tropical vibe that make them perfect for a beach day. Enjoy!  Instructions [...]
Ah, summer!  Lazy days are ahead, but completing little projects in between sun bathing sessions can be so rewarding!  I’ve found some pretty awesome little DIYs that are perfect for summer and I’ll definitely be trying a few of these myself! Summer DIY Projects 1.  Boho Chic Wall [...]
Stripes + flowers = the cutest nails for spring! Pair this nail look with a nautical tee and your favourite skinnies and you’re good for a day out enjoying the fresh spring air. You Will Need • Basecoat • Polish colours and sheer polish • Thin striping brush Instructions Step 1: Apply [...]
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