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The Pop Shop Vintage Crate DIY

The Pop Shop Vintage Crate DIY

Of course you know that I love free stuff, but right next to free is .25 cents and I can sure deal with that as well!

If I told you that this vintage soda pop crate only cost me .25 cents, would you believe it!?

Well guess what, thanks to a little garage sale digging, and some at-home supplies it did, and I’m going to show you how to create your own .25 cent masterpiece. Alright, I can’t guarantee that yours will cost only .25 cents as well, that all depends on what you have at home already. 😉  Talk about a burst of motivation today!

I found this handmade shelf thing at a garage sale for (you guessed it) .25 cents!  Sure, the workmanship was a little sloppy, but I kind of liked it that way.  When I got it home I spray painted it with one coat of Rustoleum white and scuffed up the edges. It was just bare untouched wood before. Oh my that sounded slightly risqué…. moving on….

It kind of reminded me of one of those old pop crates that they used to use back in the day, so I grabbed my handy dandy Cricut machine and set out on my new project.  I used my Plantin Schoolbook cartridge to cut out the letters that would be my new stencil.  I set them at about 2.5″ tall.  If you don’t have one of these magic machines, you can always just use a stencil or cut your own!

When my little bug dude stopped cutting, I peeled the paper away to reveal my new stencil.  (make sure to keep the inside pieces of the O’s and P’s, etc. because you will need them!)

Then I cut out the words and taped them onto the side of my shelf.  This is where you’ll want to tape the middle of your P’s and O’s down too.

Next, I grabbed a trusty old stamp pad and a rag and went to work. Immediately I loved the look that the ink was giving the letters. Just like old vintage letters were stamped on the side of the crate!  I dabbed and scrubbed the ink in lightly.


When I was done I was so excited to peel the stencil off to see my creation!  Here we go….


All this shelf/crate needed now were some hooks to hang it by…. I snagged these off of an old picture frame and screwed them into the top:

Then the fun part came… hanging it and filling it up!!

Easy as pie!! No one will ever know it only cost me .25 cents!  I now challenge you to make your own for .25 cents or less!!

xo Dana

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