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Halloween Spook Fest… My Top Scary Movie Picks!

Halloween Spook Fest… My Top Scary Movie Picks!

With Halloween quickly approaching, I thought it was time to get you all into the spirit!  Dustin is a horror movie buff, and since I have to live with it, I’ve grown quite accustomed to watching them… every. single. night. 

Being a complete wimp myself, I normally would not choose to watch a horror flick… especially if it is full of gruesome, disgustingness.  I decided to compile a list of the ones I actually liked and definitely recommend for you all to watch over these next couple of days.  These are not your average “Nightmare on Elm Street” type flicks… in fact, you may have never heard of some before.  That’s right, no “Paranormal Activity” on this list! (really, I still have so many questions after the 3rd one…) So without giving too much of the plots away, here we go!

The Loved Ones
This movie is simply twisted. It’s about a psycho girl named Lola who does unimaginable things to boys who wouldn’t give her the time of day and she has no regrets.

Brent is the main man of this film and he is played by Xavier Samuel (hello, he was in Twilight!) and I might add that he’s not too bad to look at ;).  He recently lost his father and is in a depressed state of mind.

Lola’s family relationship is pretty odd and stomach turning, and her father does whatever he can to keep her happy… even if it involves lobotomizing innocent victims. Lola just wants to be the queen of her own twisted ball and will do whatever she has to in order to wear the crown.

I found myself looking away at some parts, but the storyline was done so well that I was kept on the edge of my seat and definitely recommend watching this film!!!

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
For the more lighthearted, this movie is pretty hilarious and can be enjoyed by everyone.  Best friends Dale (Tyler Labine… anyone remember Breaker High?!) and Tucker (Alan Tudyk) finally obtain their dream cottage and are stoked to start fixing it up.

On the way into the country, they meet some stuck up college kids who automatically stereotype them as murderous hillbillies. Tucker and Dale just can’t catch a break when the kids start accidentally dying off in an attempt to save themselves from their own fabricated murder story.

This movie was a great change of pace from the typical pee-your-pants scary movies we watch so often.

Attack The Block
If you’re more the alien terror type, then Attack the Block is for you!  It’s about this group of delinquent kids who are used to terrorizing their block and think they’re unstoppable.  After frightening and robbing a young woman, karma does them in when they discover an alien being, murder it, and flaunt it around town.

These kids are not so tough when the entire city starts crawling with creatures.

Things get interesting when they are forced to team up with the woman they previously mugged to take on a city full of extra terrestrials.

The only thing that bugged me about this movie were the kids. They are so cruel and heartless that you kind of just want to walk in and slap them.  Other than that, great movie!

The Woman
This movie is about a huge douchebag father/husband who has no respect for women. He finds a feral woman living in the woods and decided to kidnap her.  Chaining her up in their outdoor cellar, he finds ways to torture her throughout the film.

He enlists the help of his reluctant wife and daughter to take care of the woman when he’s not around.  There is much more to this family than you could imagine, and when his wife threatens to leave him things get really messed up.

Yet another movie where the characters just get under your skin…. however, it wouldn’t be the same movie without them!

Let The Right One In (Let Me In)
You may have seen Let Me In, a movie that was released more recently. Let The Right One In is the original version of this film. It’s in a different language but with subtitles, it’s excellent.

Oskar is a young boy who is constantly bullied in school. He soon meets his new, somewhat strange, neighbor… a young girl named Eli.  Oskar soon realizes that Eli is a vampire and is responsible for the recent string of murders in his town.

Instead of being afraid of his new realizations about his friend, he sees her for who she truly is and does his best to help her.  Not really a “scary” movie, but still a fantastic one to watch. You can’t help but feel a little emotion towards their friendship.

The most terrifying, disturbing, all around skin crawling movie I’ve ever seen.  This one plays with your mind, your emotions, and tests your ability to hide your face.

There is so much to this movie that I don’t even know where to start. Lucie and Anna are BBFs, even though Lucie had been psychologically damaged from past abuse.  Anna is the only one who can seem to reach her and she takes care of her until Lucie finally loses it for good in a bloody gun show.

Soon after, Anna begins to discover the reasons for Lucie’s nightmarish tendencies and falls victim to the same trap that took her best friend.

This is where part two of the movie picks up.  What you once thought was terrifying is now sickly disturbing and I admit to completely skipping through certain scenes that were too much to handle.  There is no way I can explain any more of this movie without giving it all away, so my advice to you is to just watch it!  Bring a pillow to cover your face though and don’t expect to sleep well for the next couple of days!

Eden Lake
Oh, you thought you were going to have a romantic getaway with your woman by the lake? Sorry, that would be too easy.  Jenny and Steve’s quiet weekend alone gets interrupted by obnoxious gangsta teens.  If that isn’t annoying enough, the kids start stealing their things and vandalizing their car.

Steve does what any grown up would to and tells the kids to shut up. That’s when things get ugly. The unruly brats begin tormenting the couple, and what was supposed to be a happy vacation turns into a fight for survival.  Jenny turns into a powerhouse of a woman and kicks some butt, but the ringleader of the group just won’t give up.

You can’t help but want to teach these kids a lesson, and just end up hoping that they’ll get what’s coming to them by the end.  Watch it!

So there you have it, friends! My top picks for your Halloween movie viewing pleasure!  Watch them and let me know what you think!!

Don’t forget the popcorn!

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