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saying “thank you”.

saying “thank you”.

Probably the least complicated thing you can do is say “Thank You”.  So why are these simple words overlooked by so many people?

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people forget, or neglect to say “Thanks!”.  That simple acknowledgement is a sign that you are appreciative of someone else.  I was brought up to always mind my manners, hold doors open for people, and say thank you when others do the same for me.  Every. single. time. It’s not a hard concept to grasp, yet some people seem to have the mindset that they don’t need to show their appreciation. 

We’ve all had experiences with these types. In a shopping mall after you politely hold a door for someone, or in a grocery store line up when you let the person with the single item go ahead of you.  You put yourself out there and do something nice for someone… and a “thank you” usually closes the situation.  But what if one never comes?  You can’t help but feel a little belittled.  You wonder, does this person really not give a damn that I just did this super nice thing for them or do they really have no manners?

I recently had a couple of these types of experiences.  Only this wasn’t as simple as holding a door open.  I did actual time consuming work, and when it was all done?  Nada.  No “thank you”, not even an acknowledgement that the work was done until I followed up to make sure everything was ok.  Really!?!  These are things that I didn’t have to do for these people, but I decided to help them out and dedicate my time. The least I would have expected would be to hear a “thanks!”.


Not only does this give me an overall bad vibe of someone, but it makes me not even want to do work for them anymore or recommend them to anyone else.  Maybe this is kind of extreme, but what’s the point of being kind and not receiving any kind of appreciation in the end?

So you see, saying “thank you” to someone really does go a long way.  Had these people simply uttered those words, it wouldn’t have put me in a bad mood, it wouldn’t still be on my mind, and I wouldn’t be writing a blog post about it right now.

So smile at someone, tell them you appreciate them, and leave a situation feeling good about yourself for making someone else feel good.

xo Dana