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backup your blog

backup your blog

Hi friends! I haven’t done a “blog tip” post in a while and I figured this was a pretty important one to share!

While browsing the web I’ve noticed on a number of occasions that people with Blogger blogs can sometimes run into a little bump. Ok, make that a huge bump. User’s blogs suddenly disappearing randomly, and Google (the Blogger admin) having no idea what happened to them. Blogs also being mistakenly marked as spam by Blogger have run into this problem as well.  I started reading some Google help forum posts and they pretty much terrified me into thinking that this could happen to me too. It could happen to any of you.

Luckily, Blogger has a nifty little feature that allows you to back up your entire blog contents… Posts, design, everything.  I’ve started doing this regularly, because really… you never know! Here’s all you need to to: (yes, I’m still using the old Blogger interface… the new one confuses me too often. Either way you can find these options in your Settings).

Go to your Blogger settings tab.  You’ll see three links along the top of the Settings page. Import blog, Export blog, and Delete blog (don’t hit that one!).  Click Export blog.

On the next screen hit the orange Download Blog button. It might take a few minutes for a ‘save’ box to popup.  Then save the file to your computer. Remember to rename it to something you will remember should you have to search for it.  That’s it!  If your blog gets deleted, all you would need to do is go to “Import blog” on the Settings screen instead and re-upload that file.

Happy blogging, friends!