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top 10 things to do in the summer

top 10 things to do in the summer

Go for a bike ride
Bikes are not only an added exercise benefit, but they are great on the environment… and also pretty fun!  Hop on and take a ride to wherever it leads you. Summer should be all about getting lost and experiencing new places you might not have been able to find if you traveled by car.

Pull out that green thumb!
Refresh your home with some new plants and flowers. I love adding new pretty blooms to my garden and cleaning up overgrown or messy looking areas. If you don’t have an actual garden to tend to, grab some cute pots and whip up a summer inspired arrangement! Don’t forget about adding some pops of colour to the inside of your home as well! Flowers are an instant way to brighten up a room.  Grab a vase and get creative with floral combinations. Nothing says “it’s summer” like freshly picked flowers on display.

Summer-ize those nails!
It’s time to pull out those bright colours and splash them on your nails!  All of those shades that just weren’t right for fall/winter can now be proudly displayed on your finger tips. Experiment with different application techniques, like this gradient effect I did this weekend with aqua and yellow:

Pick your own strawberries!
Heading to some strawberry patches for the day will take you back to your younger years. You can’t help but have a good time filling up your own basket with hand-picked strawberries. If you have kids, this is a great summer activity for the day as well! Just a word of advice… don’t wear white!

Go to the beach!
This one is pretty much a give-in I think! Especially in places like Canada where we only have a few months of summer per year. Grab your suits, towels, drinks and sunscreen and spend a day in the sun enjoying the open water. Just the thought makes me want to head on over there right now!

 by me

Take a day off
I feel like this one is overlooked often. I’m completely in support of taking a day off from work or other obligations and just having a YOU day. Other things can wait. Summer only comes around once a year 😉


Have a picnic with your lover or a group of friends
Picnics need to happen more often, I think. Find a quiet spot in a park or on the beach and just enjoy your time together. Bring a cute blanket to sit on and pack a basket full of yummy treats and plenty to drink. If you want to add a little entertainment to the mix, try packing a board game, or some magazines if you’re hoping for more of a quiet time.

Hit up a carnival
I don’t know about where you live, but here the carnival only comes once in a blue moon. Take the opportunity to check one out when it comes to your town! They are such a fun way to spend the day and make for some great photo ops!

 by me

Make yummy drinks
Now’s the time to get creative with fruity combinations and plenty of colour! Mix up some summer inspired drinks, and try experimenting with new types.  This Strawberry Watermelon concoction sounds delish, but I might skip the alcohol for a more refreshing day time thirst quench!

Have a bonfire
Maybe it’s just the country girl in me, but I love a good bonfire. I like to have them often too. There is no better way to end the night than with cozy clothes, marshmallows, and old fashioned entertainment (i.e. talking and laughing).


{What are your top things to do in the summertime!?}