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I’ve Come to My Scentses with Scentsy

Are any of you a part of the Scentsy club? I had seen advertisements and booths about Scentsy for quite a while, but never actually knew what it was. Maybe I’m just slow to pick up on things, but when Jackie sponsored my blog last month, we got to talking about this amazing invention and I was intrigued. Turns out, she is an independent consultant for the brand (you can check out her little Scentsy shop here) and sent me this awesome gift to try out.

If you’re unfamiliar with this contraption as I was, the ceramic vase looking thing is the “warmer”.  I love my warmer because it looks pretty snazzy with my decor, but also serves a purpose.  They have a ton of them you can choose from to match your decor too (even plug-ins!)!  The Scentsy Bars are wax squares that contain some of the most delicious scents.  Jackie sent me Quiver, which is kind of a romantic scent, if that makes sense, and a Vanilla one which is to die for.

Your warmer uses a light bulb to heat up the dish on the top…. so say goodbye to burning candles and safety hazards! You just turn it on and place the wax bars in the top. I use two bars usually. The heat melts the wax and releases the yummy fragrance! Genius, right?!

I am in love with this little thing. I turn it on every day and Dustin always comments on how nice the house smells.  Jackie has set up a special Wonder Forest party on her site if you want to check it out and get one for yourself!

Are you a Scentsy lover? I’ve been converted and would love to know your favourite scents! Or have you never heard about these before?

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