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design envye

design envye

I have been working hard at getting this design shop together! Yesterday, I added a bunch more social network icons for your blog or website, some business card designs, as well as a brand new pre-made Blogger template called “Beauty”. I’m trying to make things as easy as possible for you to add a little glitz to your blogs and marketing material, as well as take some of the workload off of myself with all the custom designing!

Last night I added “tweet” and “like” buttons to each of the product pages. I would really love it if you “liked” some of your fav designs so I can see which styles are the most popular.

What would you love to see in my design shop? Is there anything that you find yourself needing on your own blog? What about styles/colors? I’m all ears for inspiration if you have any! I’m going to continue working on new things today, I hope you all enjoy your Sunday! (It’s a long weekend here, do you get tomorrow off too?)

OH and also, if you want to win a copy of my e-book Blog Wonderful, head on over to Heather’s blog! You can also check out the new blog makeover I gave her!