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Essential Autumn Eyeshadow

Essential Autumn Eyeshadow

As you all probably know, I’m a makeup nut. I think it’s fun to change up your makeup with each season, and some of my favourite colours just happen to be perfect for fall! On the daily, you can catch me in neutral browns, but I do love to mix in these other shades for a different look.  The best part is these colours above can all be combined to create awesome looks! Coppery tones like Baked mixed with Buck and a little Vanilla highlight are great for an everyday look. Burgundy tones like Roach are amazing on blue and green eyes, and Loaded is perfect for darker ones. I didn’t plan on this being an Urban Decay post, but it just so happened that my favourite shades are all from the same brand.

How to combine them:
Baked on lid + Buck in crease + Vanilla under brow = A pretty everyday look
Vanilla on lid + Roach in crease = A flirty subtle pink-toned  look
Baked on lid + Loaded in crease + Vanilla under brow = A dramatic woodsy look
Buck on lid + Roach in crease + Vanilla under brow = A neutral smokey look
Loaded on lid + Roach in crease = A dramatic dark smokey look

What are your favourite eyeshadow colours for fall??