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The Perfect Line: Mineral Eyeliner

The Perfect Line: Mineral Eyeliner

I’ve used mineral makeup for years and have always favoured it over others. However, I had never attempted to use mineral eyeliner before because… well, I just didn’t grasp the concept. I thought that being a powder, it would be no different than trying to line your eyes with eyeshadow and create a dusty mess. I was so wrong.

I got this Smokey Eyeliner as a free promotional item when I ordered my usual Everyday Minerals foundation… and let me tell you, it’s quickly become one of my new favourite things. When used with a dab of water, this stuff glides on so smoothly in one swipe. Here’s how I apply it as per the photos above:

1. Take your mineral eyeliner and tap out just a little bit.
2. Grab a thin brush. The thinner your brush the better!
3. Drip a couple drops of water into the lid of the container. Mix some of the eyeliner powder with the water. You don’t want it too wet, just enough to make sort of a paste consistency.
4. I usually roll the tip of the brush around in the mixture to thin it out and make sure I have a good amount on it. Then, just apply as you normally would! The water makes it flow and fill in perfectly!

I actually like this more than liquid liner because I find that with liquid liner, I always get it on my lashes and it creates a huge mess!  You can also use it on your waterline… which actually surprised me because I didn’t think it would stay.  I think this eyeliner is going to be a staple in my makeup routine… and considering how much of it comes in the container, it will last forever!!

Have you used mineral eyeliner? What do you think of it?