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When did we stop trying?

When did we stop trying?

I’m putting on my motivational face today because I’ve been sitting here pondering something that I cannot wrap my head around.

I get so many comments on this blog and on other social platforms in response to projects I share that go a little something like this: “I wish I could do that too”, or “If I (insert excuse here) I could do that”.  I just have one question… When did so many of us stop trying??

People often wonder how I do so many things… and believe me, I know I do such a variety of things! The thing is though, I love to try to do new things. I love the challenge of learning how to do something. I am always eager to jump into the next project or pull up a YouTube tutorial if I’m curious about how to create something. It’s not like I was born with magical powers that allow me to tackle anything you place in front of me or something, it’s just that I TRY. I see things, and I wonder how they are made. If somebody else could make it, what’s stopping me from learning how to as well?

I learned how to crochet a couple of weeks ago. This idea came from the simple thought that I wanted to make my own cute little amigurumi creature. Why? I don’t know, I just wanted to. I got myself some hooks and yarn, and pulled up Google and YouTube. Which, by the way, is pretty much all you need if you want to learn how to do something. A couple weeks later, here I am with a new skill, four amigurumi animals, a slouchy hat, and fingerless gloves. All because I TRIED.

This got me thinking about everybody who doesn’t try to learn new things… and it makes me sad. If you’re curious about something, you should teach yourself about it. Our brains need to stay active, they yearn to be filled up with new knowledge every day. Most importantly though, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with mastering a task is by far one of the best ways to stay motivated and keep your spirits up.

I get emails from people sometimes asking me how to do things that could have easily been answered if they took the time and did a quick Google search. While I like to help people out when I have the time, sometimes I can’t help but wonder why they aren’t just looking for this information on their own.  I mean, that’s what I would do regardless. Asking me to share information that I spent the time to learn myself would be unnecessary if they actually had the desire to become educated on the topic.

So why are people afraid to try? Is it a fear of failure? Are they too busy? Being busy never stopped me… (quite frankly that is the oldest excuse in the book)… and failure? There is no such thing if you try. What could be more important than your own pride? Than the new education you instilled in yourself from completing a new project?

I guess all I’m saying here is that people shouldn’t be so quick to deny a task or to say that there is no way they would be able to do something. There is no way you would ever know that you could do something if you don’t even give it a shot. It’s not like looking for information is a special talent!  Just like I said in the image above, anyone can do anything if they try, and I truly believe that, and you should too.

I encourage you all to try to learn more things in the new year. What is something you’ve been wanting to learn how to do?