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Inspiration for your weekend

Inspiration for your weekend

1. lovely lighting idea 2. interestingly easy headboard art 3. photos of adorableness 4.self-watering plants from wine bottles 5. messy pretty braid 6. quirky fun prints 7. minimalist cozy rooms 8. perfect spring palette

I just know at least one of these photos had to have sparked a little inspiration inside of you. These are just some random things I’ve “liked” on Pinterest. I’ve had recent thoughts of painting rooms in my house white, just so I can fill it up with colourful findings, which is why I love the two decor pics above. Then again, all of that time spent picking out wall colours would be washed away. Someone needs to invent LED walls that can change colour at the push of a button. That’s actually pretty genius… trademarked/copyrighted/stamped it!

Have a good one friends!
xo Dana