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Words I Hate

Words I Hate

Do you ever hear a word that just sends a cringing sensation through your body? I do. Here are some of my least favourite words to utter and why I dislike them so much:

Burpees – For real? How did this exercise move even obtain this name? I cannot help but picture a baby spitting up whenever I hear it. Not to mention, it makes anyone who says it momentarily sound like they are two years old. Hearing a 200+ pound male trainer say “burpees” just shouldn’t be allowed.

Panties – I used to work at a lingerie store back in the day and I could not utter this word in seriousness. Undies or underwear felt more natural. Every time I say “panties” I somehow can’t help but feel like a pervert.

Oxblood – It’s BURGUNDY! Just because you thought of a cool new name doesn’t change what it is. “Vegan Leather” can also fall into this category. (You mean Pleather?)

Genius – I have a love/hate relationship with this word. The only place I hate seeing it is on Pinterest. It seems like every 5th post is titled “genius!”, even when something really isn’t that “genius” at all. Seriously, just do a search for the word and you will see what I mean.  Genius is defined as “Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.” I don’t think that tying a plaid shirt around your waist, or chalkboard painting anything these days can be considered genius.

Finally, this isn’t a word, but more like how a statement is made. I cannot stand it when people say things like “those dishes need cleaned”, or “these clothes need washed”. Is that English? Those dishes need to be cleaned. These clothes need to be washed. Nothing “needs fixed“… Except that type of grammar. This grammar needs TO BE fixed. Gah!

Ok I’m done. What words do you hate?