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business vs. blogging.

business vs. blogging.

Business vs. Blogging

You’re a business owner, and a blogger… but not specifically a business blogger. Where do you draw the line?

Sometimes I feel as though my business life and blogging life collide. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, they are two very different things. I take my business life very seriously. It’s the life you don’t get to see besides in the occasional update post. It’s what I do when you don’t know what I’m doing.  It’s what I think about all day, every day, and where all of my personal goals lead towards. My tone changes when I talk about it and anybody who knows me in “real” life can easily spot the transition.  Like the flick of a switch I go from the girl who likes makeup and fashion to the girl who can talk in scripting languages and geeks out over technology.

My blogging life is lighter. It’s usually a mash-up of creative bits and my own personality. It is also where I am able to share my feelings and thoughts… which sometimes include business talk as well since that makes up about 65% of my life.

When I do post about business-related stuff on here, it is probably not a very good representation of how I work and who I am as a business person. Instead, those posts are collections of my thoughts and honest feelings about things. I like to give you a real, almost ‘behind the scenes’ type look into the other Dana. The one who has put her file folders away for the day and sits to chat with her friends.

When I transitioned my work into the blogging field, it was a new experience for me.  I was used to being incredibly private with my personal life for business reasons. The two lives never crossed paths.  Nobody knew who I was, how old I was, and some of my older clients even thought I was a boy! That is how non-transparent I was back then. When I merged my blog with my business, I knew it was inevitable that customers and potential clients would know a heck of a lot more about me than I normally would have liked… but I knew if I wanted to jump in I would have to go feet first.

So back to my initial question… Where do you draw the line between your business life and your blogging life? It’s something I’m still trying to figure out. I know that a lot of you like reading my work day ramblings.  I also know that if I hadn’t put myself out there and let all of the Wonder Forest readers know about my business ventures, I wouldn’t have the jobs I have today and I have no idea where I would be. I’m aware that it can be super annoying to some of you whenever I do post about business (and that some of you won’t even read this), however I wouldn’t have a business right now if I didn’t. Having a blog has been the ultimate tool of success for me and I like having this type of open relationship with everybody.  I guess it’s a risk I take… putting everything out there like I sometimes do, but I’ll tell you one thing… Being an actual person with a face that people can relate to is something I enjoy much more than being a non-interactive faceless professional.

If you own a business, do you prefer to stay discreet or do you like it better when people are more relatable? Or as a customer/client of a business, which would you rather?


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