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Favourite Art Around My House

Favourite Art Around My House

As an artist, I think it’s important to support other artists.  I wanted to show you some of my favourite pieces I’ve picked up for my home and introduce you to some amazing talent that you might not have heard about before!

“S.O.S.” by Bec Winnel

Bec Winnel has to be my number one favourite artist. She is such an expert at portraits and such an inspiration to other portrait artists. She mainly uses coloured pencil and pastel but I’ve been loving her recent work lately where she has been adding in gold oil paint details and watercolour. I even tuned into a Google + Hangout she had a few months back and watched as her and a couple other artists drew an eyeball, and I picked up a few tips along the way!

I ordered this print about a month ago and it finally just arrived (all the way from Australia). I still need to find the perfect place to hang her and fit her for a frame, but I’m so in love with this piece. I mean, just look at that detail!….

If you want to check out more of Bec’s art, visit her website.  I promise she won’t disappoint you.

“Old Fashioned Desserts” by Jenny & Aaron

Next up are my dear friends Jenny and Aaron. They run Everyday is a Holiday and you’ve probably heard me talking them up before! Their art is completely different from someone like Bec Winnel, but I love it just the same. They create vintage/retro inspired pieces… usually of the sweets nature! Perfect for your kitchen!

I adore this Cookies wood mounted piece they created. It currently sits above the vintage style phone in my kitchen while the other awaits a frame to hang it somewhere special. 

Jessica Grundy

Third is my girl Jessica Grundy aka Solocosmo. I own so many of her artworks that you can find them plastered all over my house. She does digital painting, which is something I love to do as well… only she is about two hundred times better at it than me!  The first print of hers that I fell in love with is on the left, entitled “Chicken“. The moment I saw it, I needed it. It is just so quirky with a little humor, and the detail is amazing!  “Asia” is the print on the right.

Carnivale” is shown on the top here, and “Roots” is peeking out at the bottom. You’ve probably also heard me talk about Jessica before on here, but I just can’t help it. I’m constantly in awe over her work. She posts a new piece nearly every day on Facebook and I think it’s so inspiring that she can continue to pump out great art in her own signature style on a whim!

I urge you to check out all of the artists’ websites so you can see the amount of detail that goes into each piece!

Who are some of your favourite artists?