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How to add a Google Plus badge to your site, and other updates!

How to add a Google Plus badge to your site, and other updates!

A few days ago I made this video on my YouTube channel explaining how to add one of those Google+ follower badges to your website or blog. If you were wondering how to do this, I show you how right here:

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A few updates // what’s been going on:

– The first update for my blogging app, BlogGo was submitted to the App Store last week and I’m just waiting for Apple to review and approve it. As soon as that is done it will be available in your update screen.  The app is still discounted to $1.99 for a limited time so be sure to take advantage if you want to blog on the go.

– I’ve decided to put all new custom design work inquiries on hold for a little bit while I finish up what’s currently on my plate and work on some things that I’ve been planning. I have been so grateful for all of your emails and desire to work with me, and I promise this is only a temporary break, it’s just that due to all of the incoming requests I just can’t keep up and complete my own goals. There are things I’ve been wanting to do to the design shop, my business, and things I need to accomplish if I’m ever going to meet my “millionaire” goals and I haven’t been able to dedicate the time I need to them due to custom work. You can still download pre-made themes for your Storenvy shop and templates for your Blogger blog, plus bunches of graphic content for your sites over at my shop I’ll let you know when I re-open the custom stuff.

– I’m going to be in the May issue of Glamour magazine! Crazy excited about that and I can’t wait to see it. I don’t even really know what it’s about but I did an interview.

– I’ve also been recently featured on the cover of DIY Lifestyle Magazine and featured on the inside, where I share my DIY Rustic Pallet Coffee Table project. You can check out the March issue for free on your iPad by downloading the app here and once installed, clicking Subscribe, then Current Subscribers and entering this code: PromoDIY1 (case sensitive – valid until April 1st).

– Lastly, I’ve also just been featured in Modern Cat magazine, sharing my DIY Frozen Pet Treats project. I’m kind of stoked about this because of my insane love of cats, and I never expected to have something published in a magazine full of them! haha. This magazine is actually really good and if you’re a cat lover I definitely recommend checking it out. They feature lots of cool products that you might not have ever heard about and great articles all dedicated to your fluffy friend. I think this tutorial is also going in their Modern Dog Magazine as well if I remember correctly.

Okay, I think that’s all for now! Aside from that, my birthday was great, thanks for all of the wishes! Dustin got me a sweet iPod speaker dock thing and my mom surprised me with an outdoor hammock and stand, which I cannot wait to break in this summer! (if it ever decides to arrive!). I’m still finishing off a plate of birthday cupcakes and after that it’s back to eating healthy and getting the most out of the 6 Week Six-Pack I’ve been doing.