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L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream Review

L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream Review

When I come across something awesome, I feel like it’s my blogstress (?) duty to share that awesome thing with you ladies. Especially if it has benefits. Today, I wanted to introduce you to the L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream because honestly, it really is magic.

If you are like me and you don’t like wearing a full face of foundation every day, but want your skin to have a smoother “barely there” appearance, a BB cream is the perfect solution.

If you remember, I had been using the Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream previously and thought it was just okay. Compared to this, it is crap. The L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream actually feels like you have nothing on your skin, and virtually erases skin imperfections. Just look at these before and after shots…


I’ve been having splotchy red spot issues lately (thanks hormones!) and was absolutely shocked at how well this stuff does at fixing those issues cosmetically. Seriously… Magic!

The thing about this BB cream is that it’s not like a coloured moisturizer that you smear on your face, like many other BB creams. It goes on totally white and has these little grains that “magically” blend into your skin and produce the shade… and it does a heck of a job matching your skin tone.

The best part is, it’s totally matte. I can wear it all day long without worrying about becoming shiny and it holds up really well.

While this BB cream won’t entirely hide the more stubborn areas as a foundation would, like really dark under-eye circles or inflamed acne, it definitely offers a lightweight coverage. Since it’s matte, it also makes the perfect base for makeup or concealer if you want to go back in and cover up those more annoying areas.

The L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream comes in four shades: Fair, Light, Medium and Deep. It only retails for about $8 in your local retailer’s cosmetic aisle (Walmart, Target, etc.), or you can get it online here.

Overall, I will continue to use this and recommend it to anybody looking for a lightweight coverage that really does seem to “erase” imperfections!

And just a disclaimer, I haven’t been asked or paid to do this review. I purchased this BB cream at my own will and nobody at L’Oreal even knows I am posting this. I just truly think it is awesome 😉