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This Shhh… Is Bananas.

This Shhh… Is Bananas.

I better put a disclaimer on this post first by saying that it’s probably going to be a whole mash of stuff because that’s how my mind has been feeling lately! So come join me in my bedroom for a chat and a bit of a show and tell session…

Snupped makes these really fun laptop cases, which they creatively call SpaceSuits. Not only are they cute, but they are super tough and the outside is made of this waterproof material that’s also used in the military. What for? I don’t know exactly, but the point is, it’s strong! The inside is soft and there is even a rubber layer for maximum protection. It’s really lightweight and thin too, which makes them great for popping inside of your bag with no excess bulk. They also tailor them specifically for your device’s dimensions! I had to have the one with bananas all over it, because I’m a bit of a banana enthusiast, haha.

They also make these sweet little cases for your iPad or tablet, which they call the Spacebook. The cool thing about the Snupped website is that you can upload your very own design and customize your case just how you want it. OR you can choose from their own designs. What a great gift idea too, eh? This ice cream pattern is my own design, and I matched it with a blue interior! You can really get creative with them and I especially love how there is an interior pocket for notes and things. If you want one for yourself, Snupped is offering a special 10% discount to my readers with code WFXSNUPPED at checkout, valid until Sept 23rd!

I just got this brand new Dell Inspiron i14RM courtesy of Staples and don’t think I have turned it off once. My Snupped case fits it perfectly!  Since pretty much every laptop comes with Windows 8 loaded on it, it has been a learning experience for me. I’m slowly starting to get used to it, but man, I absolutely hated it at first and was just about ready to delete it and load up Windows 7. I just don’t really understand why they would try to make a laptop a tablet. A laptop isn’t a tablet! If you’re trying to get actual tasks or work accomplished and not just play around on the touch screen all day long, it can be extremely frustrating. I find that I can adapt to technologies pretty quickly, but even this had me Googling how to do simple tasks, like set up an email account, shut it off (yes, it took me a good 20 mins to find the Power Off option), and not have to create a new Microsoft account for everything. Overall, I think Windows 8 is a terrible idea, but I’m not giving up on it just yet. The computer on the other hand has been pretty great. Fast and lots of space (about 3 times the amount of my normal PC). I could go on all day with the tech talk so I’ll spare you and stop there.

I’ve chopped my hair and am loving it. About a week ago I looked in the mirror and was so tired of my hair. So after some back and forth chat sessions with my personal hair consultant, I decided to just do it. I grabbed some scissors and chopped a good 6 inches off. I added in a whole bunch of texture too to give it a bit more OOMPH! I also dyed it a brown ombre but my hair didn’t take it at all. It’s been rejecting dye for some reason and I’m giving it one more try in a couple of weeks and then I’ll give up if it doesn’t work. I might even go a little shorter, I haven’t decided yet. What do you think?

My shirt is from Human. I thought it was hilarious so I needed it. It’s way too big so I might share it with Dustin.

I think that is all I wanted to share today.

Thank you for all of your nice words about Unfocused! It’s exciting to see a reaction to something you’ve built and it makes me happy that others enjoy my ideas too. xo!