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Unfocused – My Newest App!

Unfocused – My Newest App!

I have some exciting news about the new app I had been working on! It has just been submitted to the App Store and you’ll be able to get it soon! Before I get into the details though, I wanted to remind you that this isn’t the Envye app that I’ve spoken about so many times. That app is still in the works.  This one is just a small one feature app called Unfocused. I created this one in about two weeks which is why I’ve been so busy lately. It is the product of one of those inspired moments and I hope you guys will like it!

What is it?
It’s a photo app for blurring or “unfocusing” areas of your photos. Using the brush tools with your fingers, you can create a photographic depth of field, blur out areas that you want less visible (for example personal information, faces you don’t want recognized, etc.), make objects or areas stand out better, or even smooth out your skin! You can adjust the brush and blur/feather size and zoom in to get those detailed areas too. It’s probably one of those apps you didn’t know you wanted until you start using it.

Here are some example photos which will also be used for the screenshots of the app. These were made so that a subject appears in focus against a blurred background:

Is it free?
You’ll be happy to know that I worked my little butt off on making both a paid version AND a free version! (Seriously, up so late the past few nights making a free version out of my paid version!). The free version has ads but still offers all of the same features. The paid version is ad-free and better looking and just .99 cents, so I would love it if you downloaded both if you like what it has to offer!

Will it be available on Android?
Like I’ve said before, it depends on how popular you guys can help me make it ;). The more downloads and reviews, the better. I’d love to offer all of my apps on Android but they have to be totally rebuilt and that costs $$. Plus I know absolutely nothing about Android and would need to learn a few things first.

Why apps?
My goal is to have a handful of apps out by the end of this year. They have been a big part of my plan for a self sustaining business for about a year now and it excites me to see my ideas actually being used. I only really talk about my real life future plans with my family and friends, but we’re friends too, right? 😉  After the release of BlogGo, the realization was that if I kept this up I wouldn’t need to do anything else… so that has been my plan and if these types of posts don’t annoy you, I’ll keep bringing you more whenever I release something new… because trust me I have plenty more ideas and will be jumping right into the next soon!  After BlogGo, I learned so much. I saw things that worked for me and even things I did wrong. I went into creating Unfocused with a different mindset… I learned not to over complicate things. I mean it literally took two weeks as opposed to months and months of planning, tweaking, fixing, and building. And I think it turned out great and is just what I envisioned from my sloppy little sketch all the way to the final product.  It’s simple, straightforward, and fun.

As soon as it is released I will let you guys know! I’m estimating about a week as that’s pretty normal for Apple approval. If you have any questions about it or even apps in general let me know in the comments.

Stay tuned my friends!