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Favourite Fall Nailpolishes

Favourite Fall Nailpolishes

Put away your brights! Fall nail colour is all about those dark, earthy tones. Darker shades tend to be my favourites so I am pretty excited to pull out some of the bottles that were just too dark for summer wearing. Here are a couple of my favourite shades for fall:

Deep purple – Purple lets you still get a pop of vibrant colour, but choose one that is on the richer side, like this Nicole by OPI polish “Here We Kome a Karoling” (it’s from the Kardashian collection if you were confused about the K’s)

Grey – I absolutey love grey polishes as they tend to go with everything. This one is from the China Glaze Holographic collection and is called “Galactic Gray”

Deep Green/Gold – I love this polish  by OPI called “Live and Let Die” from the James Bond 007 collection. It’s black with tiny little greenish gold speckles throughout. Any dark shade like this is perfect for fall!

Confetti – This confetti polish has all of my favourite fall shades combined into one. Teal, gold, silver, and copper. It’s called “The Living Daylights” also from the James Bond collection.

Army Green – A nice muted green really brings an earthy vibe to your fingertips. It goes great with neutral colours and browns. This one is China Glaze “OMG a UFO” from the Holographic collection.

What colours are you loving for fall?