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Style: Black, Leather, Snowy Weather

Style: Black, Leather, Snowy Weather


Outfit Details:
Oversized Slouchy Beanie  – made by me
Joyrich Snow Jogger boots

Can I be honest? I never know what to write in an outfit post. I sit here for about twenty minutes going through thoughts in my head and nothing seems good enough. Do I talk about what I’m wearing? That seems boring, you can already see what I’m wearing and I briefed it below the photos. Do I talk about something going on in my life? My life has been pretty uninteresting lately besides the stuff you already know. Do I talk about how freaking freezing cold it is now and how I hate that all of the leaves have fallen off our trees because now my neighbors can see me taking photos like this and it makes me super uncomfortable so I have to find an area hidden from view?

Okay, I do want to talk about the clothes a little bit. Mostly because half of you are probably thinking I dress like a boy, and to that I say why yes, and I. LOVE. IT. If you knew me in my younger years this would be a big improvement. I’m talking jeans sitting on my thighs, chunky skate shoes, and always branded XL skate/snow sweatshirts. I think this is a good compromise. It helps to mix in some extra girly hair.

These harem pants are incredible, silky, and comfy. My boots… I couldn’t live without these in the winter snow here. They are years old but always do their job. They are waterproof and feel and are shaped kind of like a running shoe which makes it really easy to run across fields of snow… if that’s what you like doing. I think I’ve rambled on long enough now.

Oh yeah, I wrote a new post on my other blog yesterday called How To Run A Successful Blog Giveaway. Pop on over there if you want to check it out.