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Harem Pants: Awesome or Absurd?

Harem Pants: Awesome or Absurd?

If you’ve been shopping sometime in the past year, you probably noticed that the racks are filled with harem pants… or as some like to refer to them: MC Hammer pants. They come in solids, patterns, crops, full length, and everything in between. They are inescapable and have actually lasted much longer on the fashion scene than I would have imagined.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or aren’t familiar with the term “harem pants”, Wikipedia likes to describe them as: “…like a cross between a skirt and a pair of skinny jeans. The legs, from the knees down, are fitted. The crotch area is loose and baggy as if it were cut to be a skirt.” They typically have elastic waistbands and ankles.

Personally, I am a fan and think they are the most comfortable pants in existence. I also think that when styled right, they can really make an entire outfit… however, I think there’s a fine line between stylish and absurd. For example, I can’t have my crotch hitting my knees and if Dustin cracks a joke about me looking like Justin Bieber, I know I’ve gone too far.

What do you think? Are you a fan of harem pants or do you think they are hideous? Do you think there should be a limit on how low they can go?

photos: citystyle, Maison Scotch lookbook