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TECH TUESDAY: My Photography Equipment

TECH TUESDAY: My Photography Equipment

In this edition of Tech Tuesday, I thought I’d show you my little camera equipment stash so you guys can see what I use to create the photography on this blog. I really started getting into equipment last year, and am currently pretty happy with my little setup. For starters, here is my lens collection. I shoot everything using the Canon 600D, or Canon T3i as it’s also called (not pictured, because, well, I had to take photos with something!).

When you buy a digital SLR, it usually comes with a “kit lens”.  Usually the 18-55mm. While this lens is all fine and dandy, it’s sometimes nice to change things up depending on the type of shot you are trying to get. That is where these other bad boys come in.

My favourite lens to use that is pretty much always attached to my camera is the one shown up front in the photo above. It’s a 28mm 2.8 prime lens, which is basically a wider angle lens and really great for getting more in a shot while still standing pretty close to the subject. My second favourite, the all-mighty 50mm 1.8, is wonderful for getting even closer, but the reason I favor the 28mm is because of the distance you need to stand to get a full frame shot. For example, it’s tough to take a full length outfit photo on the 50 without backing up realllllly far. That’s where the 28 comes in handy, especially if you work in small spaces or have a remote that doesn’t transmit more than 15 feet away. Both of these are great for various depths of field… or getting that nice blurred/bokeh background in photos. The 50mm is kind of a “blogger staple” because it’s incredibly affordable and takes a really nice picture.

Finally, the largest lens shown is a 75-300mm lens. It’s got super zooming powers and I can take a detailed close up of critters in my back forest, from over 100 feet away. Pretty cool, eh!?

My little lighting setup consists of this baby, which is newer to my collection, and some umbrella lights. You might be thinking “what the heck is that thing?” That, my friend, is a Diva Ring Light. I really hate the name because it reminds me of that other female product… but anyways, haha, it’s a fluorescent light that gives off such a beautiful daylight glow. It’s pretty much what all of your favourite YouTube beauty gurus use because of the sparkle and glow it gives to faces. This thing has seriously been amazing for me in tons of situations.

I also have a set of umbrella lights that I use for softer lighting or to bounce light off of something. These things are big and kind of annoying to carry around, but they get the job done. I got the umbrella light set on eBay. You can find some really affordable ones there, like this one.

I have a little setup in my basement with a huge backdrop and stand, but lately I’ve been using my freshly painted living room wall as a solid background, and it’s been working great!

So now that you’ve seen what I use behind the scenes, I hope that gave you a little insight into what goes on around here! If you have any questions about any of these, just ask!

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