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TECH TUESDAY: Geek Wishlist // 1

TECH TUESDAY: Geek Wishlist // 1

1 // USB Powered Light Bulb (link)
For when you just need a bit of light near your laptop.

2 // Wireless Remote for Smartphones and Tablets (link)
Selfies were never so easy. Compatible with a huge range of devices and has a 30ft range.

3 // Karma WIFI Hotspot (link)
For those times when you just can’t make it to the nearest Starbucks. Pop this baby in your pocket and get 4G internet instantly… anywhere. It’s pay as you go, but if you share your connection with others you earn “Karma” which acts as payment.

4 // Laser Projection Keyboard (link)
How Marty McFly would you feel if you pulled this bad boy out of your bag at an airport or something? It’s a laser bluetooth keyboard that allows you to project the keys anywhere.

5 // Furry Headphones (link)
Because…. um… they’re adorable.

6 // Macro Lens Band (link)
This definitely beats sticking one of those bulky magnetic smartphone lenses onto your device. Just strap it around and shoot ultra close-up photos with ease.

All products are from ThinkGeek, one of my fav places for techy toys. Here are a couple promos they currently have so you can save:

20% off $50, 25% off $100, 30% off $150+ off the entire site when you use the code PENUMBRA at checkout. Promo ends 4/16 and does not combine with Free Shipping $75+.

Free Chocolate Zombie Bunny with purchase any order over $25! Limited Time Only!