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Adventures in Beginner Yoga

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to lay out the mat and get my feet wet with a little yoga. I never truly understood yoga in the past. I sort of saw it as a lazy way to exercise… stretching and not much else. I know, I know, don’t hate me.  That was, until I started digging deeper into the practice and discovering that there were in fact more benefits than I knew of. It peeked my curiosity I started scoping out photos of different poses, and became even more interested after seeing friends bending, twisting, and showing a strength that I never knew they had.  I wanted to try it… who knows, I might actually be good at it.

Without knowing where to start, I hopped on YouTube and found Yoga With Adriene. She had a beginner video so I pushed play and away I went.

Over the next 20 minutes, I think I actually started to like this whole yoga thing. I stretched and bent and felt so relaxed. It wasn’t hard, and I think I caught on pretty quickly.  When I was done, I felt uplifted…. refreshed and ready to get on with the rest of my day.

Something about that feeling made me want to keep doing more. It wasn’t like the feeling I get after one of my regular workouts… That “OMG yes, I’m done…. no more torture!” feeling. I wanted to learn more and challenge myself to be better.

I started practicing every day. Flipping through different YouTube videos to learn tips and techniques (our main TV is hooked up to a computer so it makes following along with videos pretty easy), I started trying a few poses and different flows. I started to fall in love with it! Right now, I think I’ve got down the basics and I’m currently attempting to nail down crow pose. I always had trouble with arm balancing, even in my early days of gymnastics (no joke, my nickname was Ragdoll because every handstand I attempted ended with one collapsed arm!), so to conquer one would be a huge accomplishment. Challenge accepted.

If you’re just getting into yoga too, or wanted to join in with me, here are a few of the videos that have helped me so far:

All you need is time and the desire to roll out the mat and get to it.

Things I want to work on:

  • Strengthening my wrists and hands. They tend to get sore easily.
  • My forward fold. I can touch my toes and get my head about 4-5 inches from my knees. Would love to touch them!
  • King Pigeon pose. I can do mermaid pretty well already but want to master this.
  • That damn crow pose! My balance is all off. It feels like my wrists could break and my knees jabbing into my arms are bruising me. (Update: I finally got it last night!)

For the yogis out there, I would love any tips or some of your favourite videos too!

Namaste! (I can say that now and not sound weird, right?!)

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