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My First Experience with Golden Tote!

My First Experience with Golden Tote!

Have you ever come across something that you wish you knew about sooner? That is exactly how I felt when I discovered Golden Tote while browsing around online. At first glance I thought they were another monthly subscription service, but they are so much more than that. Basically, they are a totally unique personal shopping experience unlike anything I’ve tried before.

Every month they have sales where they list a bunch of clothing items. They offer two types of “totes”– $49 and $149. When you visit the sale, you get to choose 1 item of your choice (or 2 items of your choice for the $149 subscription), and their stylists fill up your Golden Tote with the rest. They choose items based on your style profile that you fill out upon creating an account… and it’s a total surprise which not only adds to the fun, but also introduces you to items you may not have considered before! At the end of the day, you’re getting 2-3 items valued of up to $250 for just a $49 fee, or 5-6 items for a total value of up to $600 for just $149! (what?!!!)

Here are the two items I chose for my very first May tote, a cute kimono and a blue dress with cute braided details:

Embroidered Kimono by Miss Love | Flirty Braided Dress by Doe & Rae

And here are the extra pieces my personal shopper threw in based on my style profile:

Overall, I think they matched my style pretty well. I wouldn’t have personally picked out some of these, but to my surprise they actually look good on and I love them all! That’s what I mean about introducing you to pieces you may not have chosen for yourself… sometimes it helps to have someone else style you!

I’ll be posting a few outfit posts shortly to show you how I styled some of these pieces! I just didn’t want this post to be forever-long so I’m going to split it up. If you’re interested in checking out Golden Tote too, check out their website here!  You can shop their boutique to purchase single items, or grab a Tote of your own and increase the value of your shopping experience!