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Tech Tuesday: A Simply Amazing App — Word Lens Translator

Tech Tuesday: A Simply Amazing App — Word Lens Translator

If you haven’t heard of this app yet, it’s about time you do! Dustin introduced me to it and I was blown away by its capabilities. It’s called Word Lens and was recently purchased by Google. It’s a translation app that uses your device’s camera and literally translates words in real time… right on your screen. You can point your camera at anything written in a foreign language and watch the words change in front of your eyes. Imagine how handy this would be when you are traveling… and the best part is, you don’t even need an internet connection.


The translation abilities are not the only thing that blew me away… it was the thought behind it and the technology used. It actually eliminates and replaces words that are written on photos or background colours (HOW!?!), and correctly colours the text. Call me a design nerd, but it’s like this thing packs a dose of Photoshop along with it.

Some of the word translations aren’t 100% perfect as with many translators, but it gets close enough.

Right now, since Google acquired the app, it is totally free and available for download for both iPhone and Android. The language packs need to be installed separately through the settings and are normally in-app purchases but are 100% free right now (regularly $4.99 each!). I have no idea when they will start charging again, so I’m telling you to just download this now and install the language packs! They are currently available in Russian, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Spanish, and of course English, and you can translate either way.

This is an app that I might not use that regularly, but it is definitely one to have in the ol’ arsenal!