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FITSPO FRIDAY – My Activities and #wonderfitspo

FITSPO FRIDAY – My Activities and #wonderfitspo

Hello hello! Last week I posted about my “Be Active” goal to stay active and exercise for at least one hour every day. Today I wanted to give you a little update and share how it’s been going… and I hope you will share with me some things you’ve done this week to stay active!

It’s funny how the little things we do can make us feel good. This past week was an example of that because I truly felt great and fit. Just that shift of thinking from “ugh I need to workout” to “how can I be active next?” was a huge help for my motivation.

Here’s a little run down of my activities this week, in order from morning until evening:

Friday June 6
– 20 min Yoga For Hamstrings
– 30 min elliptical 300 calorie workout
– 20 min yoga practice
– Bike ride

Saturday June 7
– 30 min elliptical 300 calorie workout
– Short yoga session
– Planted a tree
– 25 minute elliptical session again!

Sunday June 8
– 40 min yoga session
on Sundays I like to take it easy!

Monday June 9
– 20 min Tone It Up Bikini Series Arm workout (This is NO JOKE!!)
– 30 min cardio
– Forest walk
– Short bike ride

Tuesday June 10
– 30 min elliptical 300 calorie workout
– Forest walk
– 30 min elliptical 300 calorie workout again!!

Wednesday  June 11
– A little yoga session
– 15 min arm workout
– Short walk
My legs were really feeling it from all the cardio so I worked arms instead and gave my legs a break.

Thursday June 12
We had some fence builders at our house which tied up my morning so I got a late start…
– 30 min elliptical 300 calorie workout
– Forest walk

Some days I nailed it, and others I just took lightly. I’ve been trying to increase my elliptical sessions to twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and I honestly think it’s making a big difference… plus spacing out the activities throughout the day is actually kind of fun and gives my metabolism a wakeup call!

My goal for the coming week is to include more strength and toning. I also want to get more of you on board and encourage the silent readers to take part too, so I started a Twitter hashtag at #wonderfitspo that you can feel free to post your activities to or workouts you want to try! The whole point is to encourage one another so let’s be a team! 😉

Now let’s chat, what have you done this week or what are some workouts you’re loving right now?

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