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New Design and My Thought Process!

New Design and My Thought Process!

Introducing…. my new blog design! As you know, I’ve been working on this for a little while now and taking my time with it. I think it’s the first time that I haven’t rushed through a design and published it within a few days, but I wanted to make sure everything was just how I wanted it!

Since announcing my new video venture, I wanted to create a new vibe as a whole. Not only does this new look feel much more playful and fresh, but it serves a few purposes that I’ll get to below in a moment.

The first thing you’re probably noticing is the header. I’ve been wanting to use fun little illustrations for quite a while and I thought that this design was the perfect time to do it. Everything represented in the header are things you will find here and things I love!

I approached this makeover with two things in mind: I wanted it to represent the content shared here and be a fun place, and also increase conversions from a business standpoint. I don’t always talk about why I do certain things with a blog design, but with my new blog help/content video project I want to share this type of stuff with you.

This blog is my online space, but it is also a huge part of my business. It is where 90% of my design shop sales come from, so it is important to have that content easily accessible and mentioned often. I also felt a layout with more of a “design” might be a good idea, since it is what I do ;). My design shop is my main source of income and what fuels everything else. Without this blog, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t even have a business!  So now that you know that, let’s talk about the new content on here with that perspective also in mind (feel free to use the following ideas for your own blog if you are promoting a service or using your blog to leverage sales!).

I kept my Blog Templates link in the menu bar as usual and added my Resources page up there as well, front and center. I eliminated the other links from that initial top menu so the ones left would draw even more attention. The Resources page is where visitors can find popular posts related to things I get asked often, or just links of reference, things I use, etc. in one place.

The Blog Makeovers image in the sidebar is a page that talks all about my Blog Beautician content, and also provides resources and everything else I have related to helping you beautify your blog. Keeping with the vibe and because I love posting beauty related content as well, the “makeovers” idea blends nicely into the theme. It’s also why I decided to start the Blog Beautician! It’s nice to have things all in one place, as well as be able to share your product/service with others who are looking for more information on that exact topic they clicked on without having to search through all of your posts. It is a place I can direct people to if they are interested in anything blog design related.

Aside from my design shop, this blog also supports me and my little family through.. *gasp* ads. Getting people to stay on here instead of just finding what they need and leaving is something I wanted to work on, so I introduced the similar posts thumbnails below each individual post. This helps increase click-throughs, which in turn allows readers to keep browsing through content.

I also re-worked the search label pages. Those are the pages that you see when you click on a certain blog topic in my sidebar or the popup menu bar. I created summaries of posts instead of sharing the whole thing at once in hopes of the reader seeing more content on a single page, and also, once again, to increase click-throughs.

Lastly, I moved the Popular Posts to the bottom of the page, so that when somebody is finished scrolling all the way down, there is still content for them to click on and keep browsing.

I hope this gave you a little insight and even helped you think about your content/blog design. Since I help others with their blogs every day, I want to remain completely honest about my intentions with this place and let you know that even though I love having a blog as my personal haven, it is also a growing business! I find many bloggers generate income with their blogs, but they don’t usually talk about it because it seems have this negative sort of implication, but it shouldn’t! I am happy to say that this is a part of my job.  Creating content that I like creating is pretty much the definition of an ideal job.

I love being able to share stuff like this with you and I really hope you enjoy this new design as much as I do. I feel uplifted and more inspired to create content when I look at it, which is what I believe your blog design should do! If you haven’t yet, subscribe to my new YouTube channel, where I will be talking more about things like this!