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FITSPO Friday – My Activities For The Week + Yoga Update

FITSPO Friday – My Activities For The Week + Yoga Update

A couple of weeks ago, I made a challenge to be active for at least one hour every day.

This week was tougher to get some workouts in. With people coming over during my usual workout times and the weather being stormy, I slacked a little bit on the hour long goal. I’m a very routine person and when I’m not able to get things done at dedicated times of the day, it drives me a little crazy. When I plan on doing an evening workout which involves getting sweaty in clothes that I wouldn’t show off for the average Joe, let alone Dustin’s friends, I find myself waiting for them to leave and usually see them out the door close to midnight…. when I’m far too tired and have already thrown in the towel for the day. So, that’s been one of the challenges I’ve been facing lately. Having my plans cancelled when I discover (usually too late) that the house will be boy territory for the evening. We have also been having really late dinners due to Dustin getting a promotion and transferred to another town. I’m going to have to adjust my routine a little bit so I don’t miss more evening exercising.

Friday June 13
– 30 mins 300 calorie elliptical
– Forest walk

Saturday June 14
– 30 min 300 calorie elliptical

Sunday June 15
Bikini Yoga Workout Video
– Gardening/yard work
– Bike ride into the wind

Monday June 16
– 30 min elliptical workout

Tuesday June 17
– 30 min elliptical workout
– 30 min elliptical

Wednesday June 18
– 33 min Bikini Body Yoga – I really liked this one
Inner & Outer Thighs Routine

Thursday June 19
30 min full body workout video – not my fav
– 30 min elliptical

In yoga news, I’m still trying to fully master the crow. My longest hold has been about 20 seconds. I’m working on getting my knees higher up under my armpits, but holy crap, my boney knees murder my arms. I’m talking bruises galore. Tips?

What have you been doing to stay active lately?

You can keep up and share your activities on Twitter with hashtag #wonderfitspo.
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