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7 Essential Blogger How-To’s

7 Essential Blogger How-To’s

I haven’t forgotten about Tech Tuesday! I’ve been so busy getting this new channel and blog design together, so I thought that I would share with you some of the other posts I’ve been creating lately over at my blog help site, I Can Build A Blog. For those of you that are new here, welcome! I Can Build A Blog is where I post the more techy/code related posts that don’t quite fit in here. You can follow that blog on Bloglovin’ or subscribe to my mailing list on that site to stay updated!

Since the majority of questions I am asked are about Blogger, I decided to start a “Blogger How-To” series a little while ago to answer some of your common questions. Here are some of the latest posts:

How To Add Categories in Blogger
This one is something every Blogger user should read. A lot of you are using the “labels” section as a place for keyword stuffing, and that is not really what it should be used for.

Blogger or YouTube Headers Appear Dark or Grey? FIX!
This is one that I talk about pretty often and it pops up in my email account more than any other question. If you’ve ever uploaded a header in Blogger or a cover photo in YouTube and had the colours appear darker than the original image, here is why and how to fix it.

How To Center Blogger Navigation Links
If you’re using the Blogger Pages widget for your menu, here is how to center those links instead of being stuck with them left-aligned.

How To Remove Borders From Blogger Menu
In keeping with the previous post, here is another step you can take to remove those dumb borders from the Blogger Pages menu.

How To Move a LinkWithin Widget Below The Post Footer
By default, LinkWithin adds the widget to the bottom of your blog posts, above your post footer. Your post footer contains the link to leave a comment as well as other information that you might want visible BEFORE visitors start clicking away at related posts. Here is how to move it.

How To Center Your Blogger Header
Here’s a quick code to center your Blogger header that you’ve uploaded through the Layout page.

How To Add New Pages in Blogger
For those of you that don’t know the features and functions of adding Pages instead of Posts to Blogger, this is a must read.

Hopefully that ties you over until the next Tech Tuesday!!!

This information is provided totally free to you! All I ask is that you please share it if it helped you 🙂