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A Day At The Zoo

A Day At The Zoo

This weekend Dustin and I decided to make a list on our living room wall of all of the things we wanted to do this summer. This way, we would always have something to do on those days when we have no idea what to do. It’s also a little form of motivation for me to get out and combat my anxieties. We decided to take the first jump and go to the Elmvale Jungle Zoo yesterday. I took far too many photos so I picked just a few to show you here…

We made a little video of our day too, and I uploaded it as another vlog on my Wonder Forest channel, if you’d like to come along on our journey through the zoo:

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this zoo, but left happy and pleasantly surprised. The animals appeared to all be well looked after and the place was really clean. The variety was quite decent as well, because honestly I was expecting more farm animals than exotic ones (if you knew where I live you would understand!).

Growing up, I was obsessed with Capuchin monkeys (I think I begged my mom for one nearly every day, and when the movie Monkey Trouble came out it only intensified my whining) so I was happy to see some there!

Those cute little things 3 photos up from the bottom quickly became some of my favourites of the day too. They are known as the “Patagonian Cavy” and I had never heard of them before. At first glance I thought they were little rabbits but I was fooled! The little baby ones were about the size of a small bunny… so adorable and sweet!

So that concludes session one of our summer to-do list! I’m excited to see how many others we can cross off!