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5 Easy Steps to Balance Career and Health

5 Easy Steps to Balance Career and Health

5 Easy Steps to Balance Career and Health

The beginning of a new year gives us the opportunity to reflect on all aspects of our life, particularly ones that have a greater impact on our overall well-being—like career and health. You may have made resolutions for work as well as some to benefit your mental and physical fitness. If so, it’s important to balance the two. Here are some easy steps to balance career and health.

1. Write Down Your Goals

To obtain a goal and succeed, it’s important to reaffirm how serious you are about it. One way you can give your goals more importance (aside from telling everyone you know about them) is writing them down. Tired of plain Post-it notes? Spice it up, and invest in some cute stationary, or a bright planner. This will get you excited about your tasks at hand. Getting your thoughts out of your head and on paper helps you see to believe. Post them up for further motivation!

2. Plan Your Balance

Once your have your goals written down, create a plan of action and figure out how this will fit into your schedule. Be realistic, and keep the plan of action relatively spread out. You can start simple by hashing out the first week’s day-to-day plan. To keep a balance, make sure the actions you are taking towards these goals don’t negatively affect the balance between your career and your health.

3. Better Your Health to Better Your Career

Your exercise and nutrition habits directly affect your life in all facets, including work. Make it a priority to workout, perhaps during your lunch hour. Not only will you do your body good, but getting the blood flowing will, moreover, improve your mental sharpness so you can ace the job. Additionally, what you eat can directly impact your energy levels. Evaluate the foods that get you feeling sluggish or uncomfortable, and remove them from your diet to stay on-point towards reaching maximum work efficiency.

4. Put Social Life Back in the Mix

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when you work, work, work and don’t take time to stay connected with your social circle. However, it’s important to remember that maintaining the social part of your life is healthy, and will keep you out of the dumps in times of stress. Apply the power of technology we have today like smartphones, tablets and phablets, to stay connected. These devices now contain some of the best mobile processors on the market, such as Snapdragon, making it easier than ever to connect. Skype family from anywhere in the world, message friends via social media, and get in touch with your loved ones. We live in a world of connection, and taking this step will help you connect all aspects of your life towards a healthy balance.

5. Breathe

Sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to excel at everything. Whether it’s stress at work, or getting frustrated meeting your weight loss goals, just remember to breathe. Take a step back, reflect on what is upsetting you, focus on your breath and the moment that is happening, accept it, and move forward.

These few steps should get you on track to a sound balance of career and health that’ll benefit life overall. Once you’ve mastered balancing the two, the other areas of your life will fall into place, just the way you like.