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How to Become an Inspiration

How to Become an Inspiration

How to Become An Inspiration

While most of us are constantly looking for inspiration from unlikely sources, we forget about our natural ability to provide inspiration to others. Motivation and encouragement doesn’t only derive from self-help books or frilly speeches from the guru du jour, we can actually motivate each other. If you would like to become an inspiration to others and watch them grow, read on to learn more.

Show People You Truly Care

One of the oldest sayings in the book has to do with people not caring one iota about what you know, until you have proven to them that you truly care. When a person feels like you are invested in their progress and well being, they are far more likely to accept your advice and encouragement. This encouragement then serves as the fuel that powers them towards their desired goals, allowing you to watch them grow into a multifaceted person.

Ditch The Egomania

It does not matter how successful you are, no one wants to hear what an egomaniac has to say, even when their advice is sound. To influence the world around you in a positive manner, you need to push your ego to the side and let your actions speak for you. All of the words in the world mean very little if you are not willing to walk the walk, as opposed to simply talking the talk.

Active Listening

Too many times, people fail to hear someone else’s words because they are too busy waiting for their turn to speak. If you seek to understand the words of the person who is speaking, they are far more likely to heed your words of encouragement and use them as internal motivation. A person who feels heard and understood will be able to grow at a much more rapid rate than one who is not.

Don’t Be Overly Enthusiastic

Everyone has that one friend or coworker who is an absolute sweetheart, yet fails to be taken seriously because they dole out motivation and encouragement far too easily. When you are trying to inspire others, don’t fall back on clichés and don’t say things unless you truly mean them. Inspiring others so that they can grow to their true potential isn’t about filling their head with empty platitudes.

Speak Your Mind

You can serve as an inspiration, merely by speaking the honest truth as you see it. A person may not agree with every word that you have to say, but they will respect your opinions. There is always something to be learned from every interaction and when you remain consistently truthful, this serves as motivation for others to seek out their own personal truth and live it to the fullest.

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