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Why Blogging Is Good for Self-Development

Why Blogging Is Good for Self-Development

Are you a blogger? If not, then perhaps today is a good day to start.

I always say if you’re feeling stressed or upset you should write down how you feel. It’s been proven to be therapeutic by releasing your emotions from pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

So, why can blogging help you develop as a person? How can it help you grow and develop?

You Can Be Creative

Your brain is a wonderful thing and should be made to work at its fullest capacity. Coming up with posts, designing and working hard on something that gives you pleasure allows you to explore things you may never have thought you’d be able to achieve. You will also venture into other creative hobbies such as photography, designing and editing – that can’t be a bad thing right?

You Are Able To Clarify Your Thoughts

Putting an idea, thought or emotion into words can be hard. But as you start writing more and more, ideas will develop. You’ll come up with justifications and examples of why you feel a certain way which you may not be able to do when you say them out loud.

Writing is a Gift

Whether you’re a good or a bad writer to start, your skills will grow. And you will notice the difference in time. You will be able to see your talent become more than just “hello my name is Laura”. It will have a life of its own based on your personality and your readers will enjoy that.

Your Blog Starts to Shape Your Life (For The Better)

Let’s be honest, no bloggers life would be exciting if we sat indoors all day watching trash TV. Blogging gives you a purpose to explore so you can share it with your readers. Yes, it has been said bloggers’ lives are exaggerated and fake BUT if you do things that genuinely interest you and give you the chance to discover a new world outside your office, then why not do it all?

You Take Notice of What’s Around You

Linked closely with the above point, blogging helps you appreciate the little things. For example, a pretty cake and a good cup of coffee would go unnoticed without the likes of blogging and Instagram lovers. People like to see cute and interesting images, no matter how basic or small.

You May Make Some Money

Every now and again you may be asked to create sponsored content or advertise. And there is zero shame in that. As long as you feel the content will be useful or interesting to your readers, take the money and invest it further into making you blog awesome!

You Become Part of a Community

There are literally hundreds of thousands of bloggers in the world. And those who take it seriously are very understandable to the awful emails about SEO, the requests for free advertisements, proof reading, bad lighting and online trolls. It’s a very united (although with a couple of bad apples) group and when you find bloggers you like; you will soon see how much you have in common. There are so many bloggers, and readers alike, who will defend you and compliment you because you are brave enough to write what you think and feel.

You Gain a Sense of Empowerment

Nothing says power like putting your thoughts out for the world to see. Nothing says power like building your own business based on the fact that you blog and create. Blogging gives relief, comfort and power to people who didn’t have a voice before. And now there is an army of us.

Blogging doesn’t have to be your full time job. It can just be a hobby! Either way, when you write, photograph and share your personality you will feel good about it. And don’t let blogger doubt get you down. Blogging is a great thing and it should be embraced.

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Laura is a lifestyle blogger from the UK with a love of coffee and Disney. She enjoys writing a bit about everything. Drop by and say hi!

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  • Great post! Blogging has changed my life in small ways that have amounted to big rewards. I started writing in hopes to get my freelance writing career started. I just recently began freelancing and it helps to have experience from a personal blog. It’s also helped me become more confident in my writing.

  • I’ve recently made a goal to get back into blogging again after facing a lot of difficulty staying up to date with posting to YouTube. Your reasons here are definitely some of the reasons I’ve gotten back into writing. I would love to be able to one day make a little extra cash from it or use my writing in a portfolio.


  • Madison Grace

    Oh my goodness, the wonder forest has home decor?! I’m obviously quite out of it. So gorgeous. (And nice post too.)

    My blog: http://www.bymybedside.com

    HEY YOU, please check it out. I would love that. Santa wouldn’t need to come this year. Thank you so very much! xxx

  • I have to agree wholeheartedly with your article. Ever since I started blogging I felt a new sense of purpose, and even control in my life. It’s lovely to do something creative, personal and businesslike which is entirely yours!

    Nathalie / http://www.wantforwellness.com

  • 100% agree with this post! Since I started blogging I feel like I’m a different person (I know it sounds weird) but still!

  • I thing that blogging has changed me a lot not only on the way I see life but also how I enjoy my day much more and also learn new things everyday. Love it.


  • Chantal

    This is all so true, I love this post! x


  • Thank you for writing this! I’m in a bit of a blogging rut where I don’t see the point in blogging anymore. I so needed to hear this!

  • Rai

    This post couldn’t be more true! I wouldn’t have the voice I have today or experienced/done the things I have without blogging! I also have friends in other countries now just from blogging! It really has done me a world of good and you’ve summed it up perfectly 🙂

    Rai | utterardour.blogspot.com

  • Such a great post, every point so valid! I’ve learnt so many things relating to design – I’m a perfectionist so I’ve had to learn about HTML, CSS etc.

    Tolu | http://www.tscarlett.com

  • great post. I think every one should own a blog and be creative.

  • karen Crossan

    Love this post, I have inspired so many people by starting my blog and sharing what I enjoy with others, I have also learned so much too and been inspired. Thank you

  • Although sometimes I am quite shy to label myself as a “blogger”, but I could not hide the fact that it does empowers me and develop me for the better. I so agree with this article. I love it <3


  • Blogging is definitely a hobby for me, but I love it so. I try my best to interact with my favorite bloggers and read as much as I can! I love posting about my life and progress as an artist and hope that I can inspire some people along the way!


  • I definitely agree that blogging has opened my eyes to the world around me!! It has changed my life forever!

  • Thanks for the great Blog article, Laura. I have definitely, learnt so much since I started Blogging and I guess there is still much to learn. I love to “figure” stuff out and constantly push myself to learn more and more each day and with great tips from Bloggers like yourself, the sky is the limit 😉

  • Tomeka Haywood

    Thanks for this post, it has opened my eyes to different things to blog about. I work in Hollywood so I should always have something to blog about.

  • I definitely notice the things around me a lot more and have learned a great deal about myself as well. It is an empowering journey.


  • Sara-Rae

    Thanks for sharing Laura! I loved how you talked about how blogging helps you take more notice of the world around you. Ever since I started blogging, I definitely feel like I’m paying more attention to the details. Can’t wait to share this post on Twitter 🙂

  • Christina Battons

    Thanks for the article! It’s rather interesting and it’s true that the blog is changed live for the better)

  • Evolute Six

    Blogging definitely helps the individual in a way that it changes their perspective on things. It also allows them to express themselves more effectively. Through blogging, people are more inclined to look at the world and make magic out of the things they see. It is a personal journey for the person towards self development as it promotes creativity, reflection, and self-expression.