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5 Gift Ideas For the Jewelry Fanatic For Under $20

5 Gift Ideas For the Jewelry Fanatic For Under $20

Holiday Jewelry Gift Ideas Under $20

The holiday season is coming up, which means it’s that time for the gift shopping frenzy! It’s hard scouring the aisles and the online shops for gifts for your friends, family members, and co-workers, which is why I’m here to give you some classy and affordable gift ideas for the jewelry lover in your life.

1. Stacked Midi Rings ($16)

What’s the only thing better than a ring? Multiple rings! A new trend that’s been gripping the fashion industry is stacked midi rings, which are multiple tiny bands that go on different parts of the finger. Classy, elegant, and unique, this gift is perfect for that ring lover in your life. Etsy is my favorite place to buy jewelry, and these “above knuckle” midi rings from the store PricklyHearts will surely have you in love.

2. “Ear Climbing” Earring ($18)

There are millions of different earrings out in the world to pick and choose from, but this earring is modern yet unique. Instead of having it stay in the earlobe, this design “climbs” upwards, delivering a modern and accented look. It’s perfect for special occasions,  New Years parties, and for someone who loves an elegant and sophisticated style. These earrings also happen to be free shipping!

3. Multi-layered Bracelets ($12)

I’ve always been a fan of arm candy, which if you’re a frequent Tumblr and Pinterest user, will know to be the style of stacking on different bracelets on the wrist. If you know someone who loves the look of different beads, textures, and charms, all combined in one stylish bracelet, then check out Wild Bloom’s new collection on Etsy. They come in various colors, quotes, animals like owls and elephants, and textures- perfect for adding variety and pop.

4. Marble Pendant Necklace ($15)

The marble trend has been fast spread, and I admittedly own many marble pieces including a marble Macbook cover. What is there not to love about the majestic, sleek, stone? Forget marble phone cases, prints, and room decor- get your loved ones a marble pendant to hang around their necks and always remember you. Wild Bloom sells beautiful marble pendants that come in both white marble and turquoise marble. The stone is set into a gold rim, secured with a unique claw-like grasp. Marble will likely never go out of style, and this classy pendant will definitely make a great gift.

5. Pure Vida Bracelets

You may have seen Pure Vida ads pop up around your social media accounts, but one click will definitely have you in love. Their bracelets are handmade from Costa Rica, supporting 100+ artisans with full time jobs. There are so many different styles to choose from, but there’s definitely one for each type of personality and style. Charms, beaded, braided, seed – the possibilities are endless. Purchase one as a gift and support a good cause! Also, by using the link above, get 50% off your first purchase of $40 or more!