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3 Things Bloggers Should NEVER do on Instagram

3 Things Bloggers Should NEVER do on Instagram

There are hundreds of blog posts out there that give tons of Instagram tips like how to get the perfect shot, how to edit your photos, what hashtags to use, how to increase your followers, etc. And while we’re busy putting all this new information to work, we’re also making counter-intuitive mistakes. We’re doing the right things but also doing the wrong things and it’s hurting us in the long run. So, I’ve rounded up the top 3 things bloggers should not do on Instagram, I repeat the 3 things you should NOT do on Instagram no matter what any of the other Instagram articles say! Got it? Let’s get started…

Ignore the Caption

Totally ignoring someone’s caption on Instagram is a mistake. People take the time to craft fun, informative, creative, and clever captions for their followers to see and you’re just going to bypass it like it’s not even there? I don’t think so.

Here’s why that won’t work: 1. The majority of bloggers ignore captions so you’re not doing yourself any favors by being like “the rest of them”, 2. It comes off lazy and inauthentic, and 3. You could actually offend someone if you’re not careful…

Case in point: One time I was browsing Instagram and came across a fellow blogger’s picture, which had a caption talking about how her daughter had a cancer relapse. Well, you can only imagine how embarrassing it was for both her and the people who commented, “love this babe!” on her picture felt. Reading a person’s Instagram caption and responding accordingly will make you stand out. Taking an extra 30 seconds out of your day to respond authentically can open doors you didn’t even know existed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this and gained followers, made blogger friends, and increased my engagement.

Tag Brands at Random

I once wrote a blog post about how to get brands to notice you and I mentioned tagging brands on Instagram. Well one of my readers took this literally and tagged every brand she wanted to work with in every one of her pictures and one of her favorite brands ended up blocking her. I actually meant to say tag brands on Instagram only if you’re wearing or featuring any of their products – and now I’m going to say that tagging brands randomly on Instagram is something bloggers should definitely NOT do on Instagram.

If you are going to tag, make sure your tagging is strategic and somewhat subtle. You don’t want to annoy brands; you want them to notice you. There should always be a method to your blogging madness, especially on Instagram.

Spam Comment

Spam comments are the absolute worst thing a blogger can do. They range from basic sayings like “love this!” to shameful self promotion like “your feed is great – check out my new fashion blog!”. This includes copying and pasting the same comment on 50 different accounts. Spam comments will definitely get you noticed… but not in a good way.

They make you look like a bot and desperate, which is not how you want to be perceived in the industry. You and thousands of other fashion bloggers want to be Instastars and have massive success, but spam commenting isn’t the way to get there. If you don’t have anything meaningful to comment, don’t comment anything at all. Comments that are specific and engaging are the ones that will take you to the top, not the generic, spammy ones. 

What’s your biggest Instagram pet peeve? Tell us in the comments below!

xx Britt

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  • Fabienne

    Totally agree with all of these! Spam comments are the worst, so irritating! I always think the bloggers that are doing well on instagram are the ones that are genuinely making an effort to engage. It’s always really nice when someone takes the time to say something nice, and you’ll automatically make an effort in return.


    • I agree! Though I do think you can still have the “numbers” if you spam comment and play all the Instagram games but it won’t have a lasting impact for your brand. Thanks so much for reading! xx

  • Yes spam comments are weird!! I love finding users that follow because they like my feed not to see if I’ll follow them back!
    Abbie E.

  • Alexis Towle

    I feel like beg for follows should be on this list. Happens several times a day for me.

    Just blows my mind that I post an incredible photo and its ruined with comments for insta-follows. No go away!

  • YESS to all of these!

    — Lisa // FjordsAndBeaches.com

  • Agree on all of the above! The caption thing is probably the most grating. Sometimes you can put together a thoughtful caption and people comment something totally off-base highlighting that they didn’t read it at all. Instagram is a visual platform, but captions tend to be pretty brief. C’mon people..haha. Another thing that annoys me is when people use hashtags that aren’t even relevant to the picture. I know that’s usually a gimmick to get more visibility, but it’s tacky.

    xoxo – Kelly

    • Totally! It seems that all the girls commenting on here have a pretty good head on their shoulders so I have a feeling your engagement and followers are actually REAL and what could be better than that?! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your opinion. Hope you stay in touch! xx

  • Megan

    The constant follow/unfollow thing gets to me.

  • Bought followers is my biggest pet peeve!!! it irritates me when people work so hard towards their following then someone comes along spends a bit of cash and has 40k followers in hours! Its so obvious and bloody irritating!! -xo


    • Yes Chloe but remember that there is no fast track to success and in the long-run these bloggers are the ones that will suffer because their engagement isn’t real. Thanks for reading. If you want please join me every Tuesday at 8pm EST I host a blog post study group on Instagram live @notanotherblonde and I’d love to have you! We talk about stuff just like that. xx

  • Bethany Marks

    I can’t stand the over tagging of brands! I don’t know if it’s just me but brands won’t allow tags anymore unless they accept it first?


    • I’m not sure about that one Bethany but I definitely do tag the brands I’m wearing and have never had a problem. Tagging just for the sake of tagging is not good PR for the bloggers doing it. Thanks for reading! xx

  • Omg I hate it when people ignore the captions! It’s so insensitive.

    Nicky Zeeb xx

    • I 100% agree Nicky, very frustrating. Thanks for reading this post, ha! xx

  • The follow/unfollow thing is so old. I don’t even follow those huge accounts back because I know what it is.

    • Isn’t it?! I haven’t gotten it too badly recently, but I feel your pain girl! Thanks for reading. xx

  • TOTALLY! I just had to call a brand out the other day and they actually deleted their comment which was nice. Sometimes I will send a private message so I don’t embarrass the brand/blogger either. Thanks for reading Victoria! xx

  • I hate spam comments it’s my pet peeve!


  • I hate spam comments too! its the worst! also follow and unfollow is soooo annoying!