25 Ways to Feel Better When You’re Having a Bad Day

25 Ways to Feel Better When You're Having a Bad Day

Even the happiest of people have a bad day. Those days where everything just seems to go wrong, you feel upset for no reason, and/or everything gets on your nerves.

I used to get these days all the time and my anxiety made them even worse. But instead of trying to turn my attitude around, I’d wallow in self-pity and do nothing to actually change my mood.

I still have these moods sometimes but, thankfully, they don’t last all day anymore. The most helpful thing you can do when you’re trying to turn a bad day around is to try to focus on turning it around, instead of looking for things outside of yourself to cheer you up.

Everyone is different, and not everything on this list may help you. But here are 25 suggestions that you can try to cheer yourself up if you’re having a bad day!

  1. Read inspirational quotes, books, or blogs.
  2. Journal about your thoughts and feelings.
  3. Do something helpful for someone else.
  4. Do something creative like drawing, writing, baking, or one of your hobbies.
  5. Go for a walk or get some other form of exercise.
  6. Watch a funny movie, TV show, or video.
  7. Spend some time pampering yourself, like by taking a relaxing bath.
  8. Do some yoga, meditation, or mindful breathing exercises.
  9. Write down or just take note of everything that you’re thankful for in life.
  10. Call up a friend and talk to them about what’s wrong.
  11. Spend some time with a pet. Pet cuddles help.
  12. Listen to a positive, uplifting song – sing and dance, if you want.
  13. Go shopping or buy yourself something pretty, like flowers.
  14. Do or plan something fun – like starting on that project you’ve been putting off or planning a road trip with your friends or significant other
  15. Take a nap – you’ll probably feel better when you recharge.
  16. Pause and reflect – try to figure out why you’re feeling the way that you’re feeling.
  17. Buy (or make!) some inspirational artwork for your walls.
  18. Spend some time with someone who tends to have a positive outlook.
  19. Do something that will bring you closer to achieving one of your goals (or at least your to-do list!)
  20. Drink a hot beverage – tea, hot chocolate, a latte, whatever you choose!
  21. Get dolled up, even if you have nowhere to go.
  22. Spend sometime outside getting some fresh air – bring a book to read if you want.
  23. Light a candle or spray some essential oil around your house – orange and lavender are the best scents to help you relax!
  24. Unplug for awhile – turn off your cell phone and take a break from social media for the day.
  25. If all else fails, cuddle up with some blankets and cry if you need to – sometimes it helps.

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By Tami Walker

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