3 Reasons We Need To Slow Down

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3 Reasons We Need to Slow Down 

As summer comes to a close and schools start to open the doors again, our minds are starting to get cluttered with so much that needs to get done. There are a lot of things on our plates and sometimes, it seems our to-do list is like an entire person on its own. It is time for us to take this opportunity to grow in learning how to slow our rolls. Here’s how we can take it easy before burning out.


Often times, we get so caught up in what we have to do that we aren’t even enjoying the moment we’re in! Planning is fine, but do we ever really stay in the present? Challenge yourself to do just that. Take a minute to look around you. Smell the air. Look into the eyes of the people you’re sharing this moment with. Make memories. This time cannot be deposited back. So take full advantage.


I’ll be honest. I’m not the type of person who schedules every minute of my day. I don’t like planning too much, shuffling from one thing to another without fully enjoying the experience. Sometimes, I think we want so bad to have a variety of learning opportunities and entertainment for ourselves and our families that we forget to just live. The most important thing is that we are well balanced with our time and we are aware that slowing down does not mean we are a lazy. It means we are taking time to enjoy each thing and that time is precious. We shouldn’t blow through it.


Our spiritual, mental and physical health does depend on how active we are. Even if we don’t leave the home every day to do things, we can easily run ourselves sick just by doing too much. Last year, this was so me. I was in my second trimester and it felt so good to have some energy back after taking care of our three year old. Then by Saturday, I could barely move, cornered on the sofa with a comfy blanket and the remote. This is when I knew that not slowing down could actually be harmful to my health. 

We don’t have to constantly be planning, running, cleaning or working. Life is more than that. And it is hard. So hard not to feel as though we have to keep up – but I want to tell you today that you’re worth is not in how much you get done. It’s not in finishing that to-do list every day. You’re not lazy if you need a 15 minute coffee break or reading time. You’re not a bad mama if you need to drop the kids off at grandma’s for an hour just to breath. You’re human and you’re not alone. So take time to reflect and soak in life.

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