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3 Ways My Past Mistakes Helped My Business

3 Ways My Past Mistakes Helped My Business

3 Ways My Past Mistakes Helped My Business

I wish I could say my story is filled with unicorns and pixie dust but like many entrepreneurs, the past is usually filled with yucky stuff we’d rather not talk about. However, pretending we never made mistakes or people always supported our business choices is ignoring key learning strategies. Here are some reasons why I like to share past business mistakes with the rest of the community.

My Mistakes Defined My Business

From my past mistakes, I knew what not to do and what I didn’t want to be. I saw the true potential of my business through new eyes because I had fallen. Ask yourself this: if you never fall, then how will you be able to reach those who do? I learned that the core of my brand was inspiring others and there wouldn’t have been a way to do that if I didn’t know where others have been!

My Mistakes Built My Business

I did the work but the work that went wrong before gave me a brand new perspective. A baby doesn’t know how to automatically eat steak. They might try but it’ll be too much, too soon. Mistakes are part of a much bigger picture. When I started taking my first custom orders, for example, I undercharged and over served. I was digging myself into a hole. That mistake taught me to put true value on not only my products but also how my business was perceived. I priced higher and it actually made my sales grow.

My Mistakes Fueled My Business

When I look back and see how far I’ve come, it gives me the energy to move forward. Not to sound cheesy but what I did wrong, whether how I dealt with customer service or how I handled my first blog, taught me how to be the best right now. A car cannot go unless the gas tank is full. Think of mistakes as the fuel in your business gas tank. You will never be perfect so stop waiting for that time to come before you go for your dreams. Allow yourself to embrace every part of the process and write down what you learn as you fall. Just make sure to always get back up so you can step forward into greatness.

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