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5 Daily Back to School Hacks

5 Daily Back to School Hacks

5 Daily Back to School Hacks
For some of us, school has started and you may find yourself in need of some tips to stay sane! Life hacks are super useful, so today I want to share with you guys some of my favorite back to school hacks that you may not be aware of!

Spice up Your Writing

In essay writing, you mat often find yourself using the same word over and over again. Instead of picking your brain to think of synonyms, just visit and type in the word you’re trying to use. A bunch of synonyms will pop up, and all you have to do is pick one to add variety to your writing.
If you find yourself struggling with using similar words like affect and effect in writing, an easy solution is just to use impact or another alternative that you can’t confuse with another word. 

Earphone Sharing

In class (or in the hallways), you may often be sharing your earbuds with a classmate or friend and find that there is some serious unequal volume distribution going on. If you own an iPhone, all you have to do is go to setting->general->accessibility, and turn on mono audio.This way, the next time you share earbuds in class, both of you will hear the same thing!

Prevent Procrastination

Procrastination gets to all of us, and when I’m supposed to be studying, I often find myself browsing sites like Facebook or Twitter. If you find yourself with no self control over these tendencies, then a really handy website to visit is All you have to do is enter the URL of the website you don’t want to visit, enter the time period you want it blocked, and then for than duration, every time you attempt to enter the site it will be blocked. For example, I’ll enter the URL to YouTube and have it blocked for an hour, and then I can really focus on getting my work done without any distractions!

Keep Apples Fresh

Every time I bring apples as a snack to school, I discover that they’ve turned an ugly shade of brown by the time lunchtime comes. An easy solution is to squirt lemon juice on the apples before you pack them. The acidity in the lemon juice will prevent the apples from browning, and keeps them fresh and sweet! Don’t worry about any sour taste. The lemon juice compliments the sweetness of apples perfectly!

Read Aloud

Having a hard time concentrating on reading along article online? If you’re on a Mac, select the text, right click, hit speech, and hit start speaking. The text will be read aloud to you, and your eyes won’t have to strain at the tiny words. Another tip is to do this with your essay. You’ll have an easier time spotting mistakes and typos if another voice is reading it!

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