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10 Delicious Ideas For Your Summer Party

While apartment living hasn’t yet allowed me to host my own backyard soiree, I still tend to fantasize about the ultimate summer party…complete with pool floats, great music and of course, food! Who doesn’t love appetizers and refreshments on a hot summer evening? Here are 10 delicious ideas for…

4 Incredible Clothing Brands Made in Canada

With endless email campaigns clogging up your inbox with sales and specials, it’s hard to avoid fast fashion companies that often use unethical manufacturing factories overseas. After watching The True Cost on Netflix, I realized (like many others, I imagine) that I ought to be more careful with where…

8 Cozy Rugs to Warm Up Any Room

I recently signed the lease on a new apartment, and ever since then I’ve naturally been scouring the internet for design ideas. I grew up in a house with carpet, and I actually really like it because it’s just so dang cozy and warm on the toes. As my new…

5 Airbnb Stays For Nature Lovers

Ever get lost in the popular page on Airbnb? I know I do. Airbnbs can be an amazing option when travelling, offering up idyllic locations and unique accommodations. And if you’re an outdoors person, you might not love being cooped up in a high rise hotel during your vacation….