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How To Get Started as an Airbnb Host

Airbnb has become one of the most popular accommodation booking sites on the web, and for good reason.  Their site makes it super easy for anyone to find unique places to stay and more importantly, a place where property owners can earn income either part time or full time. 

3 Ways My Past Mistakes Helped My Business

I wish I could say my story is filled with unicorns and pixie dust but like many entrepreneurs, the past is usually filled with yucky stuff we’d rather not talk about. However, pretending we never made mistakes or people always supported our business choices is ignoring key learning strategies….

How To Work A Networking Event Like a Pro

So you’ve finally decided to attend a networking event.  Your business cards are ready and you’ve practiced your elevator pitch, but have you thought about how you’ll actually work the event? Here are some tips on how to make a networking event work for you.
Dress To Impress 
It goes without saying that you should…

How To Run a Business Without Alienating Your Mate

Whether you operate a brick and mortar or an online business, whether you’re a new or seasoned business owner, you know the all-too-familiar juggling act between your professional life and your personal life.
You know that both are valuable spheres of your existence, yet at some point one tends to suffer from…

How to Stay Productive While Traveling on Business

When business travel takes you away from the office and your home, the break in your normal routine can also break your normal productivity levels.Changing your sleeping environment, diverting from your meal habits and leaving the comforts of your workspace can leave you feeling emotionally and physically drained before…

How to Soundproof Your Home Office

Your home office should be just that: An office. It should be a place that inspires you to be productive and on-the-ball, and where you feel comfortable, but not too comfortable. What a home office shouldn’t be is a distraction, but it can very easily become one.
One of the…

5 Ways to Make Money as an Artist

Growing up as a creative person and sketching my way through various art schools and programs, there was always this misconception that I heard along my journey: “You can’t make money as an artist!”With traditional arts like painting, drawing, etc., a lot of younger artists are under the impression…