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Birthday Takeover by Dustin

Hey there all you Wonder Foresteers! I’m Dana’s future husbo Dustin and I’m here today to answer some questions that you had for me. It’s Dana’s birthday today (happy birthday Dana <3) and I wrote a post on her birthday last year, so we thought that I should do…

Favourite Art Around My House

As an artist, I think it’s important to support other artists.  I wanted to show you some of my favourite pieces I’ve picked up for my home and introduce you to some amazing talent that you might not have heard about before!

“S.O.S.” by Bec Winnel

Bec Winnel has to be…


Last year I got an email from a girl. Victoria. She had read my previous posts about anxiety and just wanted to show her support. She told me that she struggled with the same issues, and that she had written a book about her experiences. She included an excerpt…

Snow day.

In case you didn’t notice, it snowed. A lot. I’m pretty sure 90% of this town stayed home today. Excluding my other half. I feel like tobogganing and wearing snow pants right about now.

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xo Dana

Words I Hate

Do you ever hear a word that just sends a cringing sensation through your body? I do. Here are some of my least favourite words to utter and why I dislike them so much:

Burpees – For real? How did this exercise move even obtain this name? I cannot help…

Random Bits.

Just some random art playing done over the weekend. I ordered some watercolour supplies last night because I really want to dive into that.

Dustin is at a job interview right now. Crossing my fingers for him because this could mean good things for us.

I am on Vine and having…

What I’ve been up to…

When I’m late to post a blog, or I skip one for the day… that’s when you know I’ve been pretty busy with other projects. I’ve been doing so much design work for clients and for my design shop that I wanted to share some of the newest additions…

The little camera that could.

I get asked so often about which camera I use for my photos. Well, there she is! It’s a super oldschool Canon EOS 350D Rebel XT from around 2005 I believe.  It has no fancy features or video capabilities and is only 8.0 megapixels. I say “only” as if…

gift ideas for the… chic geek!

from top left:
Forested Calculator
Cat Eyeglasses Mug
Factory metallic glitter iPhone case
When Parents Text
Bamboo Keyboard & Mouse
Crust Be Dreaming USB Drive
Instax Mini 7s Instant Camera
Marc by Marc Jacobs Shorty iPad Case
Driftwood iDock

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m such a geek. I love all things technology and when they…

my deepest thoughts

 photo: lieke anna

a personal anxiety journal….

I ran out of shipping supplies and have orders waiting. The moment I realized this, my stomach began twisting itself into knots. I’ve been putting off going to the store for a week now, half purposely, half due to being busy… but the…