How To Paint Loose Watercolour Peonies

How To Paint Peonies with Watercolour

Painting flowers is a soothing practice that can sometimes take a little patience.  With a loose style of watercolour painting, you can experiment with the medium and allow yourself to give up a little bit of control.

A loose style of painting comes naturally for some and tends to be difficult for others. Personally, I like to pay attention to detail, so when I have to give up some of that control and just let the paint do what it likes, I can start to overthink the composition.

The trick is to try to think about your next brush stroke before you lay it down. Think about where the flower needs some more volume and how you can balance out the entire piece.

Watercolour Loose Floral Peonies

In this tutorial below, I am going to show you a simple way to create some lovely peonies as part of a floral watercolour arrangement.  Using pastel shades really adds to the overall soft effect, too!

Grab your paint and a brush and try this one out for yourself! Press play or click here to watch.

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By Dana Fox

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