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6 Simple Ways to Keep the Romance Alive After Moving In Together

6 Simple Ways to Keep the Romance Alive After Moving In Together

6 Simple Ways to Keep the Romance Alive After Moving In Together

So you’ve decided to take the next step in your relationship and shack up together. Between attending family functions, and listing each other as your emergency contacts, it seems like this relationship milestone is a natural progression.

Though this move should bring you both closer together, sometimes the transition isn’t so easy. Sure, saving money by splitting rent and expenses may seem like hitting the jackpot, but is your relationship strong enough to handle the inevitable arguments about unmade beds, or the intimate details of your stomach flu? Side note, despite what the Disney song says, love is certainly not an open door.

Learning about one another, and connecting on a deeper level will only make your love stronger, but it’s normal for the romance to lose it’s touch when you’re constantly together. Here are a few simple ways to keep up the lovey-dovey vibes after you become roomies.  

Schedule Date Night

Spending every single night together may seem romantic, but it’s typically anything but. You’re probably used to dedicating an entire evening to hang out with your partner, so now that all your free time is shared, it’s normal to fall into a routine. Between extra loads of laundry and having to clean up dishes for a party of two, the days will fly by feeling like they’re all the same. Dedicating a night once a week, or every other week, will ensure you are both taking the time to celebrate each other with no distractions. This doesn’t necessarily mean opening a ton of money, either. Taking a walk, or planning a special dinner-and-a-movie date at home could suffice. Make sure you turn off your phone so you’re giving your significant other your full attention (unless you’re taking a couples selfie, of course!).

Have Your Alone Time

Get your mind out of the gutter. Everyone needs their alone time, whether it’s a nice long bath, time to catch up on what’s going on in the world, or a short nap. It’s important for humans to bond a close friendship with ourselves, in order to have a healthy relationship with others. If you are constantly spending time together, you are bond to get on each other’s nerves, which is perfectly normal. Spending some time apart will give you the space you need, and you will appreciate the time you do have together a lot more.

Don’t Stop Flirting

The great thing about living with your partner is that you live with your best friend. If you tend to work different schedules, a nice way to keep up the flirty routine is to leave notes for each other. Nowadays, it’s so simple to send off a short text or snapchat. Leaving a hand-written note for your beau to stumble upon is much more charming. 

Blast From the Past

Sometimes, it’s great to remind each other of what started it all. Returning to where you guys met, or you had your first date is an awesome way to ignite that spark you guys had all along. 

Have Your Own Life

Inviting your partner into your own world is an incredible feeling, especially if you’re teaching one anther something new. Shared interests can make for a great quality in any relationship, but it’s also important to have your own sense of self. Whether it’s your own group of friends, a hobby you are compassionate about, or an extra-curricular commitment, it will help you grow as an individual (and bonus – give you something to talk about!).

Be A Good Roomie

Show a lil’ R.E.S.P.E.C.T! Clean up after yourself, respect each other’s personal space and privacy, and most of all, compromise. Chances are, you both won’t agree on what to hang on the living room wall, or what colour bed sheets look best, but that’s what makes your shared space so special. Your place together should represent you both individually and as a couple, and with that comes adjustment. If you wouldn’t like to clean up after your roommate, the chances are, they don’t want to clean up after you, either. 

At the end of the day, taking the big step and moving in together should be fun and intriguing. Embrace the new lifestyle and adapt to sharing a small space with another human being. If you guys are right for each other, things will fall into place.

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