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How to Work With Patterns in Your Home Decor

How do you feel about one-dimensionally decorated spaces? My instant associations are the uniformly painted walls in my elementary school and high school, as well as boring and unappealing walls in hospitals. There’s a reason schools and hospitals are painted this way, and it is to avoid drawing attention…

Lodge Inspired Masculine Bedroom Makeover

Let’s talk about guys for a minute. Home decor isn’t always their forte, so when I got my hands on my boyfriend’s bedroom and was told that I could decorate it, I pretty much squealed. You can see why simply from this “before” photo:

The room had been in “reno-mode”…

DIY: Quick & Cute Cacti Wall Art

Summertime is in full swing girls! Wouldn’t it be a good idea to freshen up your home decor with this easy and quick wall art? We’ve got you covered when it comes to adding pops of colour to walls that you’ve become bored of. Adding plants to your home…

8 Cozy Rugs to Warm Up Any Room

I recently signed the lease on a new apartment, and ever since then I’ve naturally been scouring the internet for design ideas. I grew up in a house with carpet, and I actually really like it because it’s just so dang cozy and warm on the toes. As my new…

DIY: Easy Wood Pallet Bed Frame

Renovating and decorating a room on a budget can force you to be creative sometimes. With my cottage reno, I had purchased a new mattress for the bedroom but didn’t want to shell out another couple hundred bucks on a bed frame and box spring to go with it….