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Financial Tips For The Broke College Student

The average college student graduates with over $29,000 in student loan debt. Students often use their loans to cover their personal expenses, which eventually leads to loads of additional debt. Though the costs of college tuition continues to increase, there are a few ways you can still live a…

5 Tips to Help You Adjust to a BIG Move

Did you know that moving is HIGH on the most stressful life events list? Think about it, all the packing and unpacking, finding the right home and selling the old home. The most stressful things in any person’s life – especially when you have children! Whether you are moving…

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Active Listening

Listening is an inherent component of any act of communication. We listen to voicemails, take in an employer’s feedback, and note what a partner has to say in an argument. Listening can also bring us inward. We constantly acknowledge (or disregard) our thoughts, emotions, and internal observations.
In many ways, acts…