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Stunning Feminine Halloween Makeup Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, you might be trying to come up with a unique look that can be recreated easily. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!  While spooky is always fun, sometimes us girls just want to be girls!  I’ve compiled a bunch of my favourite girly…

Marbled Christmas Nail Tutorial

While you may have already picked out your Christmas outfit, have you considered what to do with your nails? Here is a fun and cheerful Christmas nail art idea to help you celebrate the season! With a handful of Christmas nail polish colors and a brush, you can easily…

The Perfect At-Home Pedicure

It’s time I come clean about something: I’ve never had a salon pedicure. I’ve always found it slightly strange to have another person help maintain my body parts for me and my feet happen to be extremely ticklish. I’m talking I-will-kick-you-in-the-face ticklish, so to offer them to somebody else…

Nails Of The Day: Go Bananas

If strawberry nails, watermelon nails, or pineapple nails aren’t your thing, try these super fun banana nails! I love the contrast of the yellow against the bright purple, with a thin outline to make them pop.

To create these, you’ll need some nail art brushes and a couple of polishes.


Loving: Glo Skincare and Makeup

I’ve recently expanded my collection of Glo products, because I have been absolutely in love with the Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum, as I’ve mentioned in the past. This stuff totally helped fix some skin problems I had been having after nothing else would. It was recommended to me by…

Makeup For Busy People

When I need to beautify my face in a rush, there are always a few staple products that I rely on to get the job done quickly. My normal makeup routine can take just 5 minutes with these simple products and I still manage to look put together (or,…