What’s In My Bag?

A “what’s in my bag” post was requested over on my Facebook page, so I thought, ‘why not?’. Even though this might not be the most interesting thing ever, I decided to give it a whirl.

You’re probably looking at that stuff thinking, “hey Dana, that’s pretty boring!”, and yes, friend, you are right! My purse pretty much only carries my essentials that I need to have with me at all times. I’m not a fan of stuffing my bag full of random things that only make it harder to find what I need, so I keep it pretty basic.

Wallet – because where else would I keep my money?
Makeup Pouch – Carrying the bare essentials in case of an emergency touchup
Water – I have a really strange need to always have a bottle of water on me. I’ve been that way ever since elementary school. Even if I never drink it, just knowing it’s there gives me a strange comfort.
Hand Mirror – Because you can’t always find a mirror when you need one!
Sunglasses – Once again, they’re a comfort thing. Whenever I go out I wear them… even if it’s not that sunny. It probably sounds really weird but they help ease my anxiety.
Tissues – Cute ones are always a plus
Hand Sanitizer – I’m a bit of a clean freak
Chap Stick – I am obsessed with it. I usually wear it every day instead of gloss or lipstick.
Gum – This is the only kind that doesn’t make me have a sneezing fit

Inside my little makeup pouch here is what you will find. I generally only pack it if I am going to be away for the whole day and might need to do some kind of touch up.

Eyeliner (pencil and liquid) – Rimmel
Kabuki brush – Everyday Minerals
Face powder – Everyday Minerals
Lip Gloss – Lorac
Mascara – Rimmel

Well, there you have it. A sneak peek into what I carry around in that bag. I did forget to include my iPod and cell phone, but those are attached to my hip daily anyways.  If you were expecting baby unicorns and a pot of gold, then I am sorry to disappoint! What gives you the most comfort knowing it’s in your bag?

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By Dana Fox

Founder of the Wonder Forest blog and brand and bestselling author of the Watercolor With Me book series.